Reddit Links - DA99 / TF68 Contextual / DoFollow Backlinks from!

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Reddit Links - DA99 / TF68 Contextual / DoFollow Backlinks from!

Post by stackpaper » May 17th, 2018, 4:40 pm


I build these links for EVERY site I work on, whether for a client or one of my own.
I firmly believe these links should be in EVERY site's backlink profile, period.

is one of the most popular sites on the internet and is arguably the best social engine to-date with some of the strongest site metrics around. We've figured out a way to game the system so you can take advantage of these metrics for SEO purposes!

Let's take a look at Reddit's metrics, shall we?
  • Domain Authority (DA): 99
  • Page Authority (PA): 96
  • Trust Flow (TF): 68
  • Citation Flow (CT): 56

Contextual DA99 / TF68 Do-Follow Sidebar Link & Custom Sub-Reddit!

I'll save you guys the sales speech.

We're offering a permanent, contextual, do-follow DA99 backlink with the anchor of your choice, placed in the sidebar of your own custom, niche-related sub-reddit (which we'll create for you)!

In addition to having a powerful, contextual sidebar link, you can continue to benefit from the sub-reddit depending how you choose to utilize it. One option is to use it as a link repository (a place to submit your links as your publish new content). Alternatively, you can build a community and benefit from direct traffic clicking your sidebar link, as popular sub-reddits can get MASSIVE amounts of traffic. Another idea would be to setup an account with something like IFTTT in order to syndicate relevant content to your new sub-reddit! The possibilities are truly endless!


As a BONUS, we're drip-feeding 50 subscribers to your sub-reddit FREE OF CHARGE! The purpose of this is for social proof and to promote organic growth!

PROTIP: As a moderator, you're able to pin a submission to the top of the sub-reddit!

Anyone with experience purchasing links knows the value of a contextual, do-follow backlink with the metrics listed above and I've never seen ANYONE providing links with these metrics at this kind of price (the only other person we've come across selling these links are charging 3x our current price for a single link!)


Order this service today and receive:
  • Full ownership of a customized, niche-specific sub-reddit which was created by an aged account with high karma.
  • A contextual, DA99 do-follow sidebar link.
  • 50 subscribers drip-fed to your sub-reddit for social-proof purposes.
This is a unique service that can be used on any site to provide an extremely powerful, clean link!

Order Your DA99 / TF68 Contextual Sidebar Link + Custom Sub-Reddit Creation Now For Only $130!
(Adult sites are +$55)



Permanent DA99 / TF68 Do-Follow Backlink from

In addition to our subreddit creation / contextual sidebar link service, we also offer a permanent, Do-Follow DA99 / TF68 link. This link will be placed in one of our general business subreddits which we moderate, using the anchor text of your choice! This ensures your submission stays up indefinitely, has any reports cleared and any negative engagement manually removed by us!

PROTIP: These links work INCREDIBLY WELL for ranking low-mid competition terms (especially YouTube videos!)
The Art of Flipping a Link

Normally when a link submission is made on Reddit, the link itself is no-follow. Through trial and error, we've cracked Reddit's algorithm and learned that by posting from one of our aged, high karma accounts and applying the right amount of positive engagement, a link can be flipped from no-follow to do-follow permanently. We have an extremely large network of aged accounts with high karma which we use to apply the necessary engagement to change the link property from no-follow to do-follow!

Get Your Permanent, Do-Follow DA99 / TF68 Reddit Backlink Now For Only $30!
(Adult sites are $60)

Have some additional questions? Either PM me or reach out on Skype: Nick.Giuliani1
Refund Policy: Once links have been built, no refunds will be given but we offer a 100% Replacement Guarantee! If your link is removed or changes to NoFollow, it will be replaced without question!

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Post by stackpaper » May 19th, 2018, 1:21 am

Get a DA99 / TF68 contextual / dofollow backlink for your ADULT website in one of our adult subreddits!


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Post by stackpaper » July 11th, 2018, 6:16 pm

Offering a 5$ discount on the next 5 orders!

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