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Insights for Advertisers:
How to Make Great Money with Evadav?

Digital marketing goods and services demand a more complex approach and thought through strategy each year. Otherwise you’ll face bad conversion, budget waste, and the worst – business closure.

But what one needs to do to not only keep the lights on, but make really big money?

The Evadav team has prepared a klondike of useful information about formats, the best verticals and geo, sources, and system updates in one guide.

The main insights for advertisers – are the answers to the main questions:

- what format to choose according to your goals and how;
- what criteria should be considered while choosing format;
- what pros and cons of the each of them should be reviewed;
- what mistakes are better to be avoided, not to get into trouble;
- what tips are worth following to make real money.

By reading this guide you’ll have a detailed map of opportunities Evadav can give to you, and also an understanding how to use it properly.

Don’t waste your time, read more by following the link!

If you are still not among Evadav publishers and advertisers, then you have a great opportunity to sign up and review all the benefits of working with us.

Join the best ad network

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The traffic you need to pump to the max

Cryptocurrency takes this world over. Only 10 years ago nobody believed that buying bitcoin was promising. Nowadays crypto is everywhere: games, investments, payment systems. Salvadoran authorities have even started building Bitcoin City free of taxes and based on geothermal energy sources.

Earlier people faced a problem if they couldn’t find Webmoney or Skrill payment methods on a website. And now they prefer a website with a cryptocurrency payment option. Also, cryptocurrency is claimed to become the main payment method in the iGaming sphere in 2022.


Several countries accept more than 20% of cryptocurrency payments.

One can make money on crypto with the help of not only mining and investments but also arbitrage. The Evadav team has prepared a detailed review of the

Cryptocurrency vertical: we’ll tell you about its features, audience, landings, and creatives, what formats to work with, and, also, we’ll advise on the offers with the best conditions.

The Cryptocurrency vertical review

The cryptocurrency vertical is one of the most hype and fast-developing ones for several years in a row. Bitcoins and altcoins show the price progress and are always discussed, so the consumers’ interest grows. Both hype and curiosity give great profit (with the proper approach).

Crypto is still a gray vertical thus countries and ad platforms regulate crypto ads in different ways. For instance, Google plans to lift the ban on this kind of ads but selectively, considering geo.
Crypto is available on evadav.com and it gives a good profit.

Traffic rates and competition are quite high in this niche. However, the payback is worth spendings.

Crypto usually works on the CPS (making deposit) model. But CPL and RevShare can be used as well.

Test campaigns in the crypto vertical with Evadav!

The benefits of crypto vertical

The behavior of users buying crypto is more like casino fans. Therefore all who worked with gambling can enter the crypto vertical and try all their tricks and tips.

Crypto vertical pros:
- high rates for a lead – from $150 to $1000. Pro teams can find more profitable offers;
- wide target audience – you can work with crypto vertical on almost any geo;
- advertisers are keen to spend more budgets on solvent quality traffic;
- a big room for ideas. You can come up with plenty of creatives, landing pages, and pick the best from them.

Talking about profit, under equal amounts of conversion and leads gambling vertical will perform ROI 100%, while crypto vertical - 250%.

Types of crypto offers

The vertical can be divided into 4 directions. Each of them has its features and different amounts of payouts.

1. Blockchain technology learning:
Offer’s main goal – is to sell training.
Payouts – from $250/lead.
It’s hard to work with this offer, as people don’t want to spend money on training, they want to start making money at once.
2. Investments:
Offer’s main goal – is to get money on deposit.
Payouts – from $150 to $1500+ on CPA model per lead, who completed target action and toped up the account on the exchange.
Investment is the most popular direction now. You can offer individual investing or sharing revenue with the platform trader. Such offers show good conversion.
3. Trading:
Offer’s main goal – is to sell training and get money on deposit.
Payouts – from $150 to $1500+ per user (the same as in Investments).
This direction is as complicated as blockchain training is. Not many people are willing to learn. They usually associate crypto with passive income and fast earning.
4. Autotrading:
Offer’s main goal – is to sell software and get money on deposit.
Payouts – from $150/lead.
There’s no training here, but only a robot provided by brokers. It will process trading instead of a human, saving up his/her time on learning. Such offers are good for English-language traffic.

You can also find ICO and cryptocurrency exchange offers. And if the last one is clear, then ICO is an investment into little-known tokens with the purpose of further profit.

Create ad campaigns with Evadav!

Specifics of working with crypto verticals

The more arbitrage managers start pouring traffic on crypto, but not all of them stay for long. The main difficulty is that you need to warm up your audience properly to make them top up a deposit.
Therefore the barrier to entry is pretty high: quality landings and creatives cost much. It may take around $1000 and one month to find a working solution, but still, it will work 3-10 months with the minimum work on making unique content.

The advantages of working with crypto offers:
- you can get from $150 per one lead;
- there’s no hold – you can get the payout once the lead completes a deposit;
- «warm» audience = it’s easy to attract the target audience with all the hype around investments and cryptocurrency;
- bans are less than in other verticals;
- Most advertisers are ready to prepay and help with consumables.

Disadvantages and risks:
- you’ll need more time and money to prepare creatives and pre-landers. Quality over quantity;
- big competition – not everyone will play fair. Some may send a report on your ads;
- high barrier to entry – one does not simply create an ad campaign with only $50 in a pocket and get a good profit.

An average amount to start in the crypto vertical – $500-1000 (without software and consumables).

Target audience profile

Crypto Investors' target audience looks like gamblers – men of 25-55 y.o., with upper-middle-income. Those younger are usually non-solvent and can’t make a deposit. Elder people still don’t trust the internet.

By the way, women are also gambling and their amount in cryptocurrency trading is significantly growing in recent years. So you can spend a part of your budget and run ads targeted to them.

Most people enter trading to make money, but also, there are those driven by emotions – the excitement from a chance to get х5-х10 from the invested money. It should be an audience with upper-middle-income as long as the minimum deposit is $100 - $400.


The success of ad campaigns depends on creatives. You can make a super pre-lander, but if nobody clicks on the ad, it won’t be seen.

Creative types:
1) with luxury elements: expensive cars, fancy life, yachts, restaurants, watches, money: everything human needs, but can’t afford with an average salary.

We’ve gathered several options. Sure they don’t convert as much as they used to. But still, you can grab some inspiration from them. A selfie of a real person with money will work as well.


2) to advertise the exchanges such as Binance you can use their creatives because a strong brand gains trust and gives good CTR.


Also, you can emphasize the ability to get rich, but with a bit of personalization. For instance, you can use the currency of certain geo.

3) the creative that looks like a TV spot can enhance a clickthrough rate. People will try to click the “Play” button and get to your pre-lander.


4) charts with growing rates convert great as well. You can type in the headline: «Bitcoin grew by 10 000$» or «Bitcoin is going up again», etc.


5) Success stories that encourage clicking ads and reading information. It would be great if you use the images of people popular in certain geo. But don’t forget people may have different tempers in each country and copyright style depends on it a lot.


Newbies vs pro users
It’s better to split traffic on newbies who have no experience of working with crypto and experienced users.

For the first group, we’ll show simple creatives which raise the interest and hit all pain spots. You need to show that bitcoin gives a huge income and a user can give up his/her hated job and start earning money easily, etc.
For experienced ones, we’ll show stats and charts, payback, and write success stories on pre-landers.

Tips on making creatives
You need to keep the balance: your creative should hit the target audience, and at the same time, pass the moderation. We’ve prepared several tips on how to make creatives properly:
1. Study properly the target audience of the geo you target: how much money they make, what their interests are.
2. Don’t copy other creatives, most likely they won’t bring you desired profit.
3. Use triggers: money, expensive cars, jewelry, villas, destinations, etc.
4. Set time frames. People want to get money now, not in a year or ten.
5. Choosing characters for your creatives, stick to real persons from the right geo. Photoshopped and staged images don’t touch anymore.
6. Your creative should align with the pre-lander and landing page of the offer, and logically complement each other.
7. If you pour traffic on the English-language market, don’t save up on a skilled interpreter – basic programmatic translation won’t help you.

By the way, you can always contact your personal Evadav manager – he/she will evaluate your creatives and advise you on the best solutions to work with.

Landing pages

It depends on the landing page the same as on creatives. There are cases when without strong landing clients came but they were not ready to invest money. They spent time and brought ad campaigns to negative ROI.

We’ve prepared several recommendations on how to create landings, with examples. It may help you to understand the direction of creating them.

1. Here we use a solution: famous people, learning how to earn money. Landing is written on behalf of Phillip Evans, senior advisor of Boston Consulting Group in Bosnia.


2. Promising fast money converts great as well. By the way, there are also stories of crypto investors who successfully invested their money and quit their jobs on this landing.


3. News websites, which look like popular news sources. It gains trust and stories of purchasing a training course and investing money in crypto will work better. Below is the example of news about a family that invested money in cryptocurrency and made millions.


How to choose a crypto offer?

The main difficulty of working with crypto is that this sphere is half-legal. Some countries take steps to regulate cryptocurrency with the law, and in some countries, it’s fully prohibited and you can’t work with white partnership programs there.

To choose a good and reliable offer:
1. Use ratings of partnership programs and study reviews about advertisers.
2. Look towards offers from large crypto exchanges.
3. Compare offers with your colleagues – it will help you to choose the most profitable one.
4. Read carefully all the terms and conditions of the offer and if any questions occur, discuss them with managers.
5. Don’t look towards offers that are not popular among webmasters. Better choose TOP or average offers, tested and approved by other arbitrage managers.
6. There are many decent, fair, and reliable advertisers and those willing to get traffic for free by accusing you of all violations in this vertical.

How to choose geo

Choosing geo for work, you need to consider the following:
- is crypto prohibited in a chosen country;
- citizens average income;
- crypto’s popularity in a chosen geo;
- if the advertiser accepts leads from this geo.

Also, you need to study the overall attitude of residents to cryptocurrency. A lot of scams happened recently and some countries think of crypto negatively and you may get a low conversion.

Top crypto geo in Evadav

In Evadav crypto offers work best with traffic from:
- America;
- Germany;
- England;
- Italy;
- Poland;
- Australia.


Leads are solvent and interesting, and they bring high profit.

Create an Evadav account, top up your balance and make money on crypto ads!

Traffic channels

Where should you get traffic for crypto offers? There are 8 proven and working sources:
- Google ADS – users from browsers bring the most deposits as they are more warmed up. However, crypto is restricted in Ads. Therefore, you’ll need to find a way to avoid the restriction.
- Facebook – the principle is the same as for other verticals on Fb.
- Youtube – pros: a big audience. Cons: people watching your pre-rolls should trust you.
- TikTok – despite the audience not being that solvent, you can meet young people interested in crypto and willing to make a deposit.
- SEO-websites traffic – it’s a quite complicated process, but you’ll be getting warmed-up leads ready to deposit due to published native.
- Email send-outs – they still work, however, you need to have an address base + not all offers accept traffic from emails.
- Push-notifications – it’s one of the cheapest ways to get traffic.
- Pop-under – is a simple and affordable format adapting to any device. But it can annoy users and influence the website’s SEO negatively.

Everyone chooses what’s best for him/her to get traffic.

What formats are popular in Evadav

If an advertiser prefers leads, then classic push and pop-under will work best. Their advantage is that they are easy to use. Therefore they are so popular. If the advertiser considers the maximum lifespan and LTV of these leads, then it’s important to pick the most qualified sources and audiences and make tests additionally.

Native is often on-demand as it’s the most organic format. And it means a warmed-up audience willing to make a deposit.

In-page is seldom used: it’s hard for optimization due to high volumes. However, under a proper setup and optimization, it can work effectively as well.

We recommend basing on the offer type and your main goals. Each format should be tested and selected best for you.

Setting ad campaigns up and Evadav tips

We give you a step-by-step manual on creating an ad campaign for crypto offers. These steps will lead you to success:
1. Select offer: make sure you’re ok with the terms and conditions before you start working with them.
2. Make up your mind with the geo you’re going to work with. Consider the offer and overall standard of living in a chosen country. Bear in mind, crypto demands people with upper-middle-income.
3. Make a target audience profile. What are its pains and problems? Why will they benefit from investing in crypto? What problems will this investment solve?
4. Make creatives, based on target audience profile and geo.
5. Made up pre-landers – 99% of successful pre-lander’s usage cases. It helps to cut off the traffic you don’t need.
6. Launch campaigns with different formats to test them and select the one giving you the best results.
7. Run testing of creatives and pre-landers to pick the most converting ones.
8. Don’t forget optimization: automated rules, black and white lists, and postback will help you not to waste your budget and get more profit.

Now you only need to track stats and wait for requests to flow.

TOP-5 offers in crypto vertical

We’ve selected 5 crypto offers that may interest you.
1. Bitcoin Bot excl:
Countries: DE, CH, AT.
Goal: deposit from $250.
Restricted: fraud, bots, pops.
Lead cost: up to $935.
2. Profit Secret:
Countries: SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, IT, ES, PL.
Goal: deposit from $250.
Restricted: fraud, bots.
Lead cost: up to $900.
3. Crypto Profit
Countries: RU, PT, SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, IT, ES, PL.
Goal: deposit from $250.
Restricted: fraud, bots, spam.
Lead cost: up to $800.
4. Bitcoin Aussie System
Countries: NL, CH.
Goal: deposit from $250.
Restricted: fraud, bots, spam.
Lead cost: up to $850.
5. Bitcoin Up
Countries: MX, AE, AU, AT, BH and+47 GEO.
Goal: deposit from $250.
Restricted: fraud, bots, spam.
Lead cost: up to $850.


Few tips to start working smoothly with the crypto vertical:

Evadav tips
1. Choose new and up-to-date funnels. They can attract the attention of target users more than cliche offers.
2. Learn offer’s average figures in advance. You’ll be able to stop the campaign before it makes a hole in your pocket.
3. Try different traffic sources. Do not stick to only one format. Test several to find yours.
4. Use spy services and look at what your competitors test. Always run tests. Test different creatives on different platforms, change headlines and pre-landers to find the best solution.
5. Advise your colleagues and your personal Evadav manager. It will help you not to make others’ mistakes.
6. Choose offers you’re sure in. There are many attractive offers on the market, but if they are related to scams, you won’t get a good ROI.
7. Use pre-landers. Thus you’ll cut the undesired audience off and increase the conversion.
8. Create different campaigns. Don’t mix different countries, OS, sex, and ages in one campaign. Better make several ads.
9. Prepare your money. This vertical demands a budget. It may cost you around $1000 to find a profitable solution.
10. Keep your eye on the cryptocurrency sphere. It will help you to make up-to-date creatives.
11. Split your budget and spend it wisely. Don’t waste all your money on one offer and one launch.

Despite the cryptocurrency market paying a lot, it's not that easy to work with it. You must always keep an eye on this sphere and be ready that your competitors may attack you with reports on your creatives.
However, it pays off with a proper approach.

Start working with crypto offers with Evadav!

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How to build a great website and get profit with it

Each of us has faced affiliate marketing, mostly as a consumer. Example: you went to the car service to change the tires, and, by the way, received a recommendation from the masters and a discount on the services of the nearby car wash.

- Affiliate marketing – selling goods and services via other people (commercial partners in our case).

It can be done by anyone: partner company, popular blogger, social media average user. The motivation is a percent from sales or a fixed rate. It’s up to you.

However, the biggest profit comes to those who promote partner products systematically, doing a real job as a webmaster.

- Webmaster’s main source of income – it’s a website or a network with placed ads such as links, banners, notifications leading to a target page.

Here we break down in detail how to build and set this website up according to the tendencies of 2022.

What is an affiliate website?

Simply put, an affiliate website is any resource encouraging visitors to certain target actions. Such a site rarely sells something directly, usually limiting itself to advertising the product of the partners, and earning a commission for it.

- Stats: average payments for goods are in the range of 3-10% of value, in the service niche, remuneration is higher - 20-30%, a payout for an info product can be higher than 50%.

Affiliate websites look different. Аффилиат веб-сайты выглядят по-разному. Sometimes it is a multi-page information source on popular themes, sometimes it is a brief landing page about a short situational demand for a product or service.

- The main thing: the site should be relevant to users' requests, give them what they came for, do it qualitatively and quickly.

Why the affiliate website is the best solution for making money on the internet?

Because the ratio of potential income and effort spent on it in affiliate marketing is the most advantageous. This is one of the rare areas where there is still the opportunity to earn a lot, quickly and with minimal investment at the start.


- Fact: In the world, more than 80% of companies use affiliate marketing in different forms. There is a place for your site in the market!

Here are other arguments:
1. Low entrance cost. WordPress default templates and free hosting allow you to build and run a project with no money at all. Of course, money will make both faster and better, but still.
2. Moderate skill requirements. All the tools needed to create an affiliate site are accompanied by a detailed manual. You just need to read.
3. Probability of passive return. If you select the right niche/vertical and create a site relevant to the audience, it will eventually cease to require constant attention but will continue to generate profit.
4. Ability to work from anywhere on the planet. You don’t need an office and a work schedule from call to call to earn money on traffic. You can run a project from a beach, even from a space station. The main thing is a stable Internet connection.
5. Unlimited scalability. The affiliate website, made by a single master to test the product, is easily transformed into a serious team business with thousands of turnovers.
6. Safe way out. The only resource you’re risking is time. If necessary, leaving the market without financial losses and unfulfilled obligations is not difficult.

Do you want to make an obscene amount of money?

Join Evadav ad network.

We’ll help monetize traffic with maximum profit.

How to create a good website in 2022?

Start with a niche. It’s an important step that deserves the utmost attention, but do not treat it as a choice for the wife. Changing the vertical and adapting to the new solutions, if the circumstances so require, is quite possible even for the beginner webmaster.
- Fact: Despite the objectively higher efficiency of specialization, many affiliates work smoothly in several niches at a time.

How to choose the vertical?

Systematizing processes within niches simplifies work and increases efficiency. A focus on a specific vertical allows:
- explore better internal tools and mechanisms, inputs and outputs, strengths and weaknesses;
- make a detailed list of competitors, rank them in order of importance, take from them the best, and qualitatively build up;
- reduce the distance to the customer, understanding his needs in the best possible environment - in the common market for you.

If you are just starting to try out affiliate marketing, please note the following tips on choosing verticals.

Evadav recommendations:
1) work with what you have a penchant for or a professional interest so you can learn sales techniques;
2) don’t spread out, start with one or two themes and improve your skills. The market will not go anywhere. Starting with the first sources of traffic you can continue with other verticals;
3) Don’t chase big money at once, start with offers adequate to your abilities and budget;
4) try new, not-swallowed-up niches, with an income potential: you can be the first to start earning where others are afraid to enter.

Overview of top niches

Evadav.com welcomes your desire to succeed and offers its view of the verticals with a soft start in 2022.


The human being is a social being, so the popularity of dating services, as well as the traffic from them, will never run out. There are two types of platforms inside the vertical: classic dating sites: mainstream dating and, in any case, linked to the topic of sex - adult.

- Pros: lots of proven offers, versatility relative to GEO, decent bids in adult vertical. A relatively simple converting of leads, as this usually requires only the registration of a visitor.
- Cons: mainstream dating can’t boast such a large payout, and there are quite a lot of risky things to do with adult-themed.



Credit, insurance, bank plastics, stock exchanges, MFIs, and others near the money periphery. In the last few years, the vertical locomotive has been the cryptocurrency market.

- Pros: versatility in the sources of traffic, a truly infinite audience that can be monetized simultaneously in different offers.
- Cons: high competition, very strong rivals, expensive leads - expensive tests, big holds.



Sweepstakes are prizes drawn: from coupons in the neighboring grocery store to flagship gadgets from the electronic retail kings. The client gets a chance for a gift, the advertiser collects the user base, the publisher earns on confirmed registrations - all are winning.

- Pros: some sweepstake offers, like sending out a raffle invitation email - it’s a great way to get into the niche with a minimum test budget.
- Cons: Facebook, which is the top source of traffic for sweeps, refer any promotion type to any shades except white. The general problem of vertical is the poor quality of traffic


Cryptocurrency (Crypto & NFT)

This is a vertical for any taste: trading, bots, investment, education. Most of the popular offers are in the area of investment. The most promising sector is NFT (non-fungible tokens), because at current rates of penetration into the digital environment, soon no market will escape their presence.

- Pros: solid payouts, no hold. A huge, omnivorous audience with understandable demands. If you have experience in any financial or gambling niche, entering crypto will be easy. Evadav fully allows this vertical with large payouts.
- Cons: a lot of restrictions - chances of getting into a ban. The high competition requires a time-consuming approach to making creatives.



Casinos, slots - gambling in one word. Since the main motivation of the local target audience is entertainment, it makes sense for publishers to look closely at the trends of mixing reality with the introduction of AR and VR.

- Pros: many cooperation schemes, a sea of useful information for beginners, wide GEO, low barrier to entry (relatively).
- Cons: big competition - low ROI, gray niche specificity, fast burnout of GEO and offers.



Sports/cyber betting is a powerful vertical with an amazing profit. The important thing to remember is that the event schedule dictates the weather in this niche. The traditional leader in working with the traffic on betting is push format: inexpensive, simply tuned, easy to pass through the moderation.

- Pros: one (huge) audience with gambling, so you don’t have to think about inventing new schemes. Diversity of sources and moderation of budgets to test hypotheses. The legality of bookies.
- Cons: relative seasonality, which means that players' interest is not always stable. Need to keep an eye on sports events to keep up with market dynamics.



Beauty & Health goods and services. Vertical takes in everything that responds to human complexes about appearance, age, health.

- Pros: the target audience for Nutra vertical is everywhere, geography is wide. Many offers for any taste and a budget with predictably strong demand.
- Cons: some products are hard to promote with white methods. High competition.



A large niche with a wide assortment in hundreds of categories. Due to the scale, it is easy to find an offer for any audience and then to segment attraction and conversion with maximum benefit.

- Pros: variability - thousands of offers for all tastes. The relative loyalty of advertisers to the source of traffic. It is considered the best vertical for beginners.
- Cons: wild competition. High barrier to entry (technical, budget, skills) in partnership with large networks.


Remember, there’s money in every niche. The main thing is to find yours, comfortable to work with. The big profit of some verticals is associated with the appreciable cost of attracting traffic, in other ones - budgets are modest, but you have to work for a decent conversion.

To get professional advice and an assessment of the monetization potential of the selected niche you can write to your manager from Evadav!

Choosing a domain name and hosting

When selecting a domain, consider it as a tool for promotion. The correct name should indicate directly or have a clear association with the niche in which the site will work.

- Evadav tip: We recommend that you pay attention to the domains with history. That’s the kind of names that crawlers have loyalty to. This makes it possible to move the resource to the top much faster than in the case of the first registered domain. Of particular value are old domains that had only one owner but were regularly renewed.

The price of such names is knowingly higher, but they are worth their money because they save up on promotion and multiply speed up request results.


The platform on which the site files are stored is called hosting. It is the responsibility of hosters, providers who receive a fee for maintaining the space you rent.

The most popular solution in affiliate marketing today are websites created on CMS design types: WordPress, Wix, Tilda.

- Fact: more than 40% of all Internet resources on the planet are made with WordPress.

CMS (content management system) implies the owner’s full control over the external and internal content of the site, offering thousands of themes and plugins for customization. As a rule, the hosting service is provided by default.

There are enough free hosting facilities to start in the affiliate marketing sphere. When the time comes to scale the project, you will easily go to premium, paying a certain amount for the new volume on the server, additional options, and more loyal support.


Rating of the most popular platforms for hosting websites on WordPress

Evadav tip: If your traffic generation strategy is based on a large amount of text content, look in the direction of the Medium or Blogger blog platforms. Here the hosting is also in the complex with the subscription. The possibilities of these sites are inferior to the WordPress toolkit, but for article promotion (reviews, guides, informational texts) is a convenient and the main - working version.

Website configuration

When you think about site design, you will sooner or later decide whether to use/buy a ready-made template or order a unique topic from specialists.

- Evadav recommends the first version, as the development on the side will cost a lot - 2-3 thousand dollars.

At the same time, the equal quality template can be bought for reasonable money - 50-100 dollars. In addition, the finished WordPress themes rarely require a shamanic dance in an attempt to pull them onto the engine and are set in two or three clicks.

What should a decent affiliate website look like in 2022?

The Evadav team has compiled a list of criteria that will help you get around your competitors. Just consider them when building the site and give yourself an advantage already at the start. Let’s go!

Responsive design

The number of people using pocket gadgets for communications is growing daily.

- According to TAdviser data, the share of mobile traffic at the end of 2021 was 83%.

If your site design is not adapted for smartphones and tablets, you can forget about normal conversion.


Choose a topic that is compatible with mobile devices.
Give the visitors a chance to see your offer on the go - in the subway, in the guests, at work, and watch as the refusal rate decreases.


The chosen design should not limit the possibilities of SEO optimization. In this regard, it is worth paying attention to the same WordPress. Even in default, it offers an extensive pool of tools for qualitative search promotion.
If this is not enough, there are dozens of plugins connected - plugins that extend the potential of SEO optimization to infinity. The important thing is to remember why you need it.

Additional configuration

However perfect the design of the template, you will have to adjust it - change the logo, adapt the font pairs, remove or add graphic elements, forms, and modules.

- Evadav tip: while looking at the theme for the site, consider how accessible it will be if necessary possible to personalize the site.

Development contact

Many people overlook it, but the opportunity to get a quick consultation on a topic or plugin is an important point. In order not to spend time on solving problems on your own and not pay for the services of third-party developers, learn about the terms and guarantees of support in advance.

- Observation: lack of backup is a property of free templates. Paid topics are generally not deficient.


Multiple language support will be needed if you are going to scale up GEO or target a local market that uses different languages.


For the newcomer, who does not plan to dive from the start into exotic niches of distant countries, the issue of multilingualism of the site is closed simply by installing a plugin. These add-ons can support more than 90 languages simultaneously, most of which are free and do not require extensive professional customization.

User-friendly interface

Your task is not to impress the visitor’s imagination, but to make his/her stay on the site enjoyable. The selection and purchase of partner products should be natural and simple. Leave the extraordinary creativity to fashion photographers.

- Evadav tip: The appearance of the site, taking into account the trends of fashion and the nuances of verticals, is of course important. However, it is recommended to give priority, not to the elegance of the screens, but to the ergonomics of the interface: intelligent navigation, appropriate interactivity of forms, and understandable inscriptions on buttons.

Website content

Making a visitor a lead (a potential client doing the target action you need) is not an easy task. But it’ll be a lot easier if you can convince the audience that you’re an expert on the subject.

An excellent way to demonstrate expertise is to publish relevant content regularly. The more detailed and literate you close the interest in your field, the greater the public’s trust in you and the more pleasant the conversion figures.

Content types for websites
Opinion pieces

Unique material about the product based on the practical experience of the author. Ideally, the copywriter’s qualifications should be confirmed by publications in other publications and projects.


It’s a great way to get exclusive news, press release, review. Typically, this content is an artistic adaptation of the machine translation of the source.


Deep (unrecognizable) processing of the original text with the preservation of meaning. This approach allows to receive quickly and much original content without violating the rights of other authors.

SEO-optimized content

This category includes material of any format and volume containing a specific number of key accessions. Intelligent use in the text of queries, in particular, allows not only to put the page at the top with minimum investment but also to keep it there for a long time without any subsidy.


This type of content, whether represented by text or video, is a unique source of information in terms of impact and reach, miraculously gathering record traffic. Of course, we are talking about qualitative material. The watery reasoning of «armchair» experts does not count.


Buyers trust the author’s reviews of goods and services if they find them reliable. Given this, in some vertical settings, it makes sense to focus on publishing a broad view of the product, helping people make the right decision.

Traffic can be different

A successful choice of verticals, a well-thought-out structure, and attractive site design - it is wonderful. But passively waiting until users notice your «charm» is a bad idea. You have to attract and then hold the traffic. How? Read more.

Charges applicable

This section lists how to get traffic to a site for money.
1. Contextual advertising: Generate ads through Google Ads. You will be charged for views, clicks, or target actions. Quick and accurate, but expensive.
2. Social media targeting: the analog of context ads, only within social networks. It assumes greater audience involvement through the ability to comment and evaluate posts. Expensive.
3. Aggregators: Company and product information in thematic catalogs. Excellent for e-commerce niches and sweepstakes. Competitive offers make it possible to choose a site with a loyal audience and a moderate price.
4. Links on third-party sites. Choose the site of the profile theme and negotiate with the owners about the placement of the content - native ads, reviews, interviews, press releases. The price is moderate, depending on the coverage.
5. Influencer marketing: Advertising by opinion leaders. You pay a blogger, who delivers good news about your product to his/her fans in a proper way. The cost of collaboration is determined by the size of the audience.
6. Sending out. All channels - email, push, SMS, and chatbots. The main thing is that the addressees should be the most target. Effectiveness depends on the quality of the base and the personalization of the messages.

Free of charge

Ignoring the possibility to receive traffic for free is not our method. Evadav experts recommend using all available arsenal!
1. SEO-promotion: is not only articles with frequency keys but also a carefully thought-out page structure, from header to footer. A good text, anchored in the top one day, will generate a client stream for a long time.
2. Social media: A channel or profile in a popular social network, illuminating the same niche as the main site - a magnificent booster of traffic. Creative posts, quizzes, and thematic collections will help to maintain interest in the product and will not cost you a penny.
3. Q&A services: Places where people are trying to find solutions to problems. A good example is Quora.com. All you have to do is find a topic, close to the niche being promoted, and show yourself as an expert, discreetly promoting your project.
4. Rankings. Some portals practice articles and collections of services, goods, everything in the world. You offer your website or product as a member of such a rating. Famous sites will ask for money for this, smaller resources can mention you for free.
5. Directories and maps will not turn your traffic into Niagara Falls, but you will always have a stable stream from a brand card registered through Google Business. Besides, search engines better rank organizations with confirmed contact information.

It’s way better with analytics

- Traffic should be controlled: where, from where, how much? At every moment of the campaign, you need to know what happens at every stage of the funnel that turns a visitor into a lead.

The basic toolset for analysis is all in Google Analytics.
These services are enough for a beginner to fix traffic volume, see sources, compare conversion coefficients, understand the efficiency of the whole website and its elements. Besides, they not only show the detail but are also free of charge.

- Evadav tip: Knowing your capabilities is good, but understanding how competitors live is even better.

Competitive intelligence through SEMRush and Ahrefs will reveal the secrets of SEO, social media page analysis will show audience size and interaction triggers, feedback on the same Google Maps and IRecommend.ru, help to understand product satisfaction and the blind spots of the market.

Don’t forget the trackers.

More information about trackers, their opportunities, and the importance we revealed in our “Traffic monetization” guide.

Searching for advertisers to monetize traffic from the created website

The website is assembled, configured, and launched. You have a pleasant excitement to watch the growing traffic and calculate profit options. Let’s go through the main channels of monetization.

Contextual advertising (Google AdSense)

It’s an advertisement in any format and relevant to the website topics: from a text note and a banner to a full video review. Every time a customer clicks on an ad block, the publisher gets the money.

- The rewarding system is called PPC (Pay Per Click).
To start working, you have to register in the advertising network and wait for the approval of the administration.

Direct advertising

Having stable traffic of several thousand visitors daily (why not?!) you can address directly to advertisers with the offer of advertising placement.

- Advantage of the method: you set the cost for views by yourself.
Additional income can be obtained if you promote the service in a complex, combining the placement and creation of advertising content into a turnkey service.

Tangible profit in the direct interaction with advertisers yields such types of monetization:
- branding – mixing several types of content on one page/site. The visitor loses the sense of boundaries between original material and advertising and more often gets on the sponsor’s page.
- banner ads – the most popular format. Here success depends entirely on creativity and getting into the needs of the target audience.
- native ads – any content with a subtle mention of the product or brand. The more natural the advertising link, the higher the conversion.
- push, in-page, pop-under – Pop-ups, blocks, and lendings that don’t give the visitor a chance to miss a promotional message. It’s a tool of enormous potential with a proper approach.
- links placement – links to the advertiser’s project, placed in the right places of your site. The easiest way to earn.


Evadav offers profitable monetization conditions of native ads, push notifications, in-page messages, and pop-under.

We don’t strive to become the best, we’re busy doing your business the best!

Affiliate programs

In order not to starve while waiting for favorable offers from advertisers, the site owner can become a member of the affiliate program of a famous brand or one of the advertising networks. Of course, the topics of your site should coincide with the niche of the seller, and the resource itself should have a presentable view.


It is simple: fill the site with useful content and ask, as a reward, for donations on project development.


Sales of goods and services

Suppose your site is devoted to reviews of the novelties of the game industry. Why not add a few pages of near-game goods: consoles, peripherals, games, or merch?

Paid subscription

The system resembles fundraising, but with one difference: if the visitor does not pay, he will not be able to access the main part of the content.


This is how a popular economic resource monetizes traffic: "Pay to know more".

Ad networks

Advertising affiliate networks can provide ads immediately. You don’t have to spend time looking for advertisers, they already did it for you. Every network has its database of active advertisers.

All you have to do is add your site, select the advertising format from the list according to your goals, place the code on your site and income won’t take long.

- Pros: no need to waste your time looking fo-r advertisers, big profit.
- Cons: it is not always possible to choose the type of product or service that will be advertised on your site.

Join Evadav, add new traffic sources and get super profit!

Which strategy to choose in the end?

Experience has shown that an affiliate beginner is more likely to get profit fast if he/she implements time-proven techniques and strategies. Why make new roads if you can use ready-made solutions?

- Evadav ad network is ready to offer publishers more than 25K proven advertisers and 50K+ active campaigns each month.

It is up to you to decide which advertising formats and monetization channels to use. For our part, we declare that push, in-page, pop-under, and native ads are the leaders according to the ratio of profit to effort.

- Evadav tip: don’t stick to only one format, test several, choose what’s the best for you and be on top.

We’re sure, that we look at affiliate marketing the same way as you. Evadav ad network is the best choice for monetization.
See for yourself!

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Post by EvaDav » February 28th, 2022, 4:26 am


How to make more money with Evadav Popunder

The popunder format is an efficient way to monetize a site or landing page, tested by time and many publishers.

In 2022, Popunder will remain as popular and effective as ever.

We created a step-by-step guide where we:
- described Evadav Popunder in detail;
- considered its advantages and disadvantages;
- specified settings categories;
- described the most frequent mistakes of the publishers, which should be avoided;
- shared life hacks and recommendations for even more profit.

How do you use the popunder traffic and squeeze the maximum out of it? Let’s figure it out!

Read the guide

If you’re a website owner or an arbitrage manager dealing with traffic, sign up for Evadav and get awesome additional income.

Join Evadav

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Post by EvaDav » March 8th, 2022, 9:57 am


The flowers are blossoming, the whole nature is waking up - it’s Spring! And, of course, we’re celebrating Women’s Day - 8 March!

All devices are beeping from promo Push messages, e-commerce sites offer a number of In-Page and Native ads, as well as Popunder.

Dear women, the Evadav team congratulates you on the 8th of March and wishes you all the best: happiness, lots of love, and family warmth, today and always.

For this special occasion, Evadav give a promo code: 8march

Partners, top up your balance from $100 from March 8 to March 15 and get 8% bonus.

Use promocode

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Post by EvaDav » March 15th, 2022, 3:22 pm


High conversion, big volume, low price – it’s not a myth, it’s reality:

Popunder world from Evadav

Just imagine that you can get a lot of traffic with one format. Also, for a very low price. Have you?

It is real with Evadav Popunder format, because it covers the needs of advertisers in large volumes, and low prices allow to scale advertising campaigns.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you advertisers to work with the popunder format for high conversions and cool results.

In our guide you will learn:

- features of the popunder format;
- how to use Premium traffic;
- how to properly create converting landings;
- how to launch and optimize advertising campaigns;
- the most frequent mistakes that should be avoided;
- life hacks from our experts for maximum profit.

Let’s pump popunder format up!

Read the guide https://bit.ly/3JcTJLF

Join Evadav and get the best conversion and ROI!

Do not forget about your manager, who will help you with any question 24/7.

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Post by DerekVog » March 23rd, 2022, 4:33 am

Do you have pop-up?

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Post by EvaDav » April 10th, 2022, 3:46 am


Art doesn’t lag behind the technologies. Now any recording, photo, painting or video is possible to digitize. Once you reproduce your piece of art digitally and upload it on the blockchain, it becomes an NFT - a non-fungible token.

How can affiliates monetize such an offering? What are the best NFT programs to monetize? Read on to discover!

How do Affiliate Programs for NFT work?

Regarding the growth of the NFT market, many referral plans appear. Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to grow business, sales, and boost trading. To earn with such programs on NFTs, you need to join the referral programs of some crypto exchanges, like crypto.com.
However, there are affiliate programs excluding NFT sales. In this case, you may try gaining money on clicks.

Let’s say Ben visits Binance NFT and passes the registration to join crypto trading. Then you (as a publisher) get the commissions on the users’ trades.

What are the NFT platforms offering the best affiliate programs?

We’ve made up a list of the best affiliate programs for you. Here they are:

- OpenSea

CPA: Cost per transaction
Commission: 2,5%
Type of the commission: charged once

This is the hugest marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles (music, pics, photos, etc.). On the OpenSea you can find many valuable digital items to buy.

Also, you can sell your own creations. You just need to upload your digital work, give it a name, describe it in detail, and opt for a fixed or declining price auction listing.

Affiliate program:
For every transaction, the OpenSea charges 2,5%.
To see how an affiliate program based on NFT sales works, try OpenSea.

- Binance

CPA: Cost per transaction
Commission: Up to 50%
Type of commission: Recurring

Binanace is the biggest crypto platform, which offers multiple products: spot market, derivatives, futures, options, savings and staking services, Binance cloud, trust wallet, NFTs, and so on.

NFT marketplace includes categories for e-sport, art, gaming, collectibles, and NFT mystery box. The box offers you a random NFT with different prices and rarity.

Affiliate program
Binance Affiliate Program lets you create referral links that invite your community to sign up and trade on Binance. The link will automatically credit you as the referred if anyone clicks it and registers. Every time they execute a trade, whether it's on Binance Spot, Futures, Margin Trading, NFT or even Binance Pool, you will receive a commission.

- Crypto.com

CPA: Cost per transaction and lead
Commission: 10%
Type of the commission: recurring and nonrecurring

Crypto.com is an open-source blockchain that allows you to trade on spot, on margin, and with derivatives. It also offers an NFT marketplace with multiple categories (music, sport, gaming, etc.).
Top NFT creators like Aston Martin, Ugonzo, and Snoop Dogg work with the platform.

Affiliate program
To join a Crypto.com affiliate program, you need to fill out the form, present the platform to your community, and choose your preferred mix: long-term commission or one-time payments.


CPA: Cost per transaction
Commission: 2,5%
Type of the commission: recurring

FTX ranges among one of the top-5 crypto derivatives exchanges and is popular among millions of users. FTX offers futures and leveraged tokens. Also, the exchange owns a few NFT sites, with Solana, Ethereum, and FTX NFTs available. You can go through the NFT gallery to choose the token you want to buy.
What’s more, on FTX, you can:
- bid on NFTs
- purchase them
- hold them on your FTX NFT gallery, so they'll be available for withdrawal to your personal wallet soon
- redeem them for a good or service.

Affiliate program:
Each FTX user has a unique affiliate link. You will receive 25%-40% of the fees of new users who sign up with your referral code, and the new user will get 5% of the fees returned.

The crypto industry and crypto art are becoming more and more popular. Join and earn now!

Join Evadav to monetize your offers

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Post by EvaDav » April 15th, 2022, 4:16 pm


Happy Easter, dear Evadavers!

The spirit of this bright holiday is all about hope, love, peace, and prosperity. Evadav team wishes you a joyous celebration with your family!

You may wonder how to monetize your Easter offers? There are a few things you can do to get more conversions:
- Launch discounts;
- Give away promo codes;
- Decorate your banners with holiday stuff.

During this holiday, popular verticals remain:
- Gaming - many games offer fantastic Easter levels (e.g. Angry Birds) or Easter costumes for characters;


- Gambling - poker and casino offer great deals for holidays;


- Finance - crypto platforms often prepare some giveaways for Easter;


- E-commerce - Easter decorations, baskets, cakes, and cooking tools are on hype during the Easter holidays.


And we also have a surprise for you! Easter is high time to launch ad campaigns with Evadav and jump into egg hunting!

- Here is what you need to join:

Increase your spending for the period Apr 17 - Apr 24 compared to the previous week and get a Special Easter Bonus.

- For Standard and Bronze levels:
Open a Bronze egg! Increase your spend by $500, and get a $50 coupon from your manager on your next deposit from $500.
- For Silver and Gold levels:
Open a Gold egg! Increase your spend by $1500, and get a $150 coupon from your manager on your next deposit from $1500
- For Platinum and Diamond levels:
Open a Diamond egg! Increase your spend by $5000, and get a $500 coupon from your manager on your next deposit from $5000

The more traffic and campaigns you run, the brighter gifts you receive.

Launch and boost your campaigns, open eggs and enjoy your gifts

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Post by EvaDav » April 27th, 2022, 4:36 pm


Hello, dear Evadavers!

We announce that our Egg hunt is ended.
Thank you all for taking part in it and don't forget to collect your $50, $150, and $500 bonuses.

In Evadav, we know that there are never too many gifts. So we've added 2 special eggs!

From Apr 24 till Apr 30 open your lucky egg:
- Find holiday eggs in your account;
- Crack them;
- Take a promo code and replenish your account;

Only new accounts are acceptable

Silver Egg:
Get a 10% bonus on your first balance replenishment from $100 to $1000.

Platinum egg:
Get a $500 bonus on your first balance replenishment from $3000.

Launch your campaign with us and grab your gifts

As you know, we always follow trends, and we want to share them with you.
What are the best Geos for Push ads to monetise in April and May?

- Germany
- United Kingdom
- India
- Thailand
- Australia

What are the best verticals for Push in April and May?

- Gambling
- Betting
- Crypto

Be trendy, join Evadav

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Post by gotonudecom » May 13th, 2022, 3:36 pm

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Post by EvaDav » May 14th, 2022, 10:07 am


Premium pops top sources list

Have you already tried our Premium Popunder? It has many benefits, among which:

- Up to 100 times higher CR
- Qualitatively selected and tested sources
- Optimized traffic

- We give a specially selected list with more than 1000 verified sites, sites with conversions already tested by our internal Traffic Quality Team.

What is more, from May 15 to May 31 we have a system of bonuses for new and current partners.

How to get Bonuses?

1. New Advertisers get:
- $25 sign up promocode may25 for deposits over $200

2. For already active Advertisers we have a one more bonus:
- 10% Bonus on the next deposit up to $1000, for advertisers who work with verticals: content_site, gambling, dating, e-commerce, crypto, services, finance, betting, nutra, sweepstakes, software

3. Even more, if you already have an inactive account with us just sign in and get a special bonus on your next deposit:
- Re-Activation Bonus in amount of a $50 for deposits from $200.

* all bonuses and promotional codes are valid from 05/15/2022 to 05/31/2022.

Try Premium Pops traffic with Evadav

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Post by EvaDav » June 6th, 2022, 1:21 pm


Hi, Evadavers!

In this article we'll describe what is important to know about a new feature in our advertisers' personal account - WinRate.

- What is WinRate?
- What is the relationship between WinRate and the auction?
- How is WinRate calculated?
- How to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with WinRate?
- How to use WinRate in combination with MicroBidding and Auto-rules?

What is a WinRate?
Win Rate is the percentage ratio of the number of impressions gained in an auction divided by the total number of impressions bid on.

WinRate is based on Bid and CTR.
- Bid - the higher it is, the more chances you have to win the auction.
- CTR - the higher the clickability of the creatives within an advertising campaign, the more likely your bid will win, and your ad will be shown on the publisher's site.

Important: For CPC model only!!!
For the CPM model, CTR is not counted.

In other words, WinRate is a parameter that indicates the competitiveness of the used bid, set of creatives, and targeting settings for the ad campaign / source.

How does the auction work?
It's based on a basic calculation formula: CTR * Bid = CPM.

Advertisers are competing for each impression on the platform. The system forms an auction. All advertising campaigns take part in this auction, which, according to their targeting settings, are able to bid for the ad impression.

The system chooses the ad campaign which has the highest CTR*Bid. This approach focuses on delivering relevant ad creatives to the most targeted audience at the publishers' sites.

WinRate Formula

WinRate in percent = (number of impressions won / number of auctions in which the campaign participated) x 100

For example, if a bid participates 1 million times and wins 500,000, this is calculated as:
(500,000 / 1,000,000) X 100 = 50% WinRate

- green indicator 70%+ - your advertising campaign is taking enough hits within the auction. Raising the bid and adjusting the sources, you can achieve even higher rates, for our part, we consider this level "good".
- yellow 50<69% - your ad campaign is in the middle of the auction. You can get more impressions by doing optimization.
- red 0<49% - an important signal for the analysis of the advertising campaign and raising the bid / change of creatives and/or targeting.
- n/a - the index is calculated for the period selected in the statistics. If you see this sign next to a campaign or a source in the statistics, this means that your company does not get enough data for the correct calculation of the WinRate. We recommend increasing the traffic buy for such a campaign in order to collect enough statistics for calculations.

Increasing your WinRate
A high WinRate in programmatic terms might indicate low competition for users at the source of traffic or an effective bid.
A low WinRate is always a signal that the bids for a specific campaign and/or source need to be increased and the creatives need to be checked according to their CTR.

Here are some ideas on how to increase the WinRate for your campaign.

-Grow up the bid for ad campaigns with low WinRates

-Buy more traffic in campaigns with creatives that have a high CTR, or duplicate them for other campaigns.

-Optimize the bid for sites with a high WinRate

-Use auto-rules to whitelist and blacklist sources to select the ones that give you the most conversions at a given cost.

-Use micro-bidding to optimize bids by source.

The Microbidding option allows you to unleash the full potential of WinRate's capabilities.

With Microbidding + WinRate, you can analyze and see the actual amount of redeemable traffic, and auction WinRates per campaign and change the rates for zones and sources separately. This will give you the maximum flexibility in buying traffic and make your ROI unattainable for your competitors.

*The micro-bidding option is only available to Gold-level users on our platform.

Let's see on the example of a test advertising campaign with low WinRate.


The microbidding + WinRate combination will be available for editing within the ad campaign itself:


Also, similar settings can be made directly in the statistics.
To do so, go to the general statistics tab, select an ad campaign from the general list and its traffic purchase model (CPC in this example) and indicate the country in the filter.


Now let’s proceed with the analysis. Consider the data in detail.


In the screenshot, we see the different indicators of the WinRate.
It is worth noting that those sources with a high WinRate in the green zone also have custom Bid significantly higher than the average. Such sources also have high-profit margins and ROI.

In line 2, we see the opposite situation. WinRate on this source is in the red zone, and despite a large amount of traffic and low cost per click, nevertheless, this source does not bring profit.

As part of an advertising strategy, the best choice would be to raise the bid for such a source. However, the creatives within this advertising campaign should not be replaced, as they are effective at the current stage, as you can see by the ROI for the other sources.

Bottom line:
We've taken an in-depth look at the WinRate metric, its importance, and its role when working with the Evadav platform. We wish our advertisers a successful test and look forward to your feedback.

If you have any questions, please contact your manager, who is ready to help you 24/7/365.


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Post by EvaDav » June 15th, 2022, 3:30 am


Hello, advertisers!

Spring is over, and a hot summer awaits us... And this means that it's high time to grab some hot bonuses from Evadav!
Launch and scale campaigns to get bonuses for balance replenishment

How do I get bonuses?
You will receive bonuses on your next replenishment when you upgrade your account to the next level of our system. All you have to do is:
- Create ad campaigns and scale the current ones in the second half of June (16.06.22 - 30.06.22)
- Optimize them with auto-rules, microbidding and winrate

What bonuses can I get?
Depending on each new level in the system that you have moved to during the period 06/16/22 - 06/30/22, you will be able to receive the following bonuses::
- Standard $0-$300 - entry level
- Bronze $301-$1000 - your bonus will be $30 on a deposit of $300 or more
- Silver $1001-$3000 - your bonus will be $100 on a deposit of $1000 and more
- Gold $3001-$8000 - Your bonus will be $300 on a deposit of $3000 and more
- Platinum $8001-$25000 - your bonus will be $800 on a deposit of $5000 or more
- Diamond $25001+ - your bonus will be $1000 on a deposit of $5000+

If you have already reached the Diamond level on our platform, we offer you to scale the spend by 50% compared to early June (01.06 - 15.06) to get a $1000 bonus on any next deposit from $5000.

The higher your level in the system, the more bonuses you can get! Increase your spend and get bonuses - EvaDav Ad Network - Advertising Platform

How do I request a bonus?
You will have 30 days to request a bonus from the moment your account is upgraded. Email your manager in personal messages requesting a bonus on your next deposit and use the funds to promote in Evadav.

How long will the promo last?
The promo will last from 16.06.22 till 30.06.22. Hurry up to move to the next level to get more bonuses!

In advance to pump your profits, we've collected top verticals and geos for the latest months.

- India
- Brazil
- Indonesia
- United States of America
- Philippines
- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Vietnam
- Italy
- Germany
- Bangladesh
- Japan
- France
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

- dating
- site content
- software
- extensions
- nutra
- sweepstakes
- services
- finance
- e-commerce
- crypto
- shopping
- smartlink
- utility

Launch campaigns with Evadav

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Post by EvaDav » June 23rd, 2022, 10:20 am


Hi, Evadavers!

We are happy to announce that we have connected over 1,000 new popunder sites and they are already available to you!

Get the most out of your traffic with:

- Top CR - up to 1:4 using pre-landing;
- Filtered clicks - just right for your offer;
- Volumes - over 1 billion clicks currently available for redemption;
- Smart auction and auto-rules - let you take the best part, and not spend all your time setting up and optimizing.

Advice from the optimization team:
- Experiment with bids - smoothly increase them from the recommended to the maximum - so you select the most converting sites for your offer;
- test the Premium and Standard types of traffic in the A / B tests;
- advertisers from Gold level and above - use microbidding for spot work with bids;

Also, until the end of the month, we’re running an activity with bonuses for topping up- https://bit.ly/3zLJrAu

Want to know more? Read our blog - https://bit.ly/3xJSbV0

Check out our awesome blog articles about Popunder you may have missed:

-Premium Popunder campaigns and Top 10 countries with recommended rates
-Premium Popunder Traffic
-5 Steps to a Successful Campaign with Popunder

If you have any questions, please contact your manager, who is ready to help you 24/7/365.


EvaDav - native advertising network | CPM | CPA | Push notifications

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