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Post by EvaDav » August 12th, 2021, 5:12 am


Hi guys!
We are here for our partners so that they can earn as much as they want and even more. Those who want the same but still not with us – you’re welcome to join us and reach the height with us.
If you’re looking for information on how to work easy and profitably AF, then the following info is for you.
Briefly about us.
Evadav is:
- crazy amount of ads impressions per month (100+ bln);
- ninja-fast moderation and support replies (average till 10 minutes 24/7);
- expert monetisation of all geos, devices, browsers, wide range of categories and 50+ custom targeting and optimization options.
The Evolving Advertising Network is here, let’s go.

It’s not a secret that hustling with traffic is super profitable. Those who don’t know about it, have never worked with us. Nevertheless, we never stop on just good money for our partners. Here in Evadav we want all advertisers to earn more and more… and even more. Sky's the limit. That’s the goal our UNIQUE REFERRAL PROGRAM FOR ADVERTISERS aims at.

In details:

Due to our program every Evadav advertiser can raise the profit fast and with no extra investment.

You bring new users and get a reward for each. The more new users follow your invitation the more you get.

How does it work?

No need to work with us for a long time. You can start engaging new partners right away, even if you’re not that skilled in working with our affiliate network.

1. Sign up or be already signed up on our platform:

2. Find your referral link in “Referral Program” section, copy and share it with potential partners.


New advertisers should follow YOUR referral link. So that the system processed new partners’ data correctly and assigned them under your account.

3. Right after the registration you can see your referral partners in your account real-time stats:


4. As soon as invited advertisers buy any ads formats in total $500 and more, you’ll get $50 for EACH of them:


By the way, not only you get $50, but every new advertiser (brought by you) will get $50 as well after spending $500.

5. In order to withdraw earned commission, transfer it to your publisher or advertiser balance. As you wish.


That’s it! You don’t need to do anything else: money is in your pocket.

How to raise profit and start earning even faster?

You need to find the way to engage your colleagues-advertisers to follow your referral link and start working with our platform. Give them tips on which ads formats are the most profitable and better to work with. Remember: you only start earning when advertisers spend more than $500 on ads.

Who might become your referral advertiser?

1) Friends and colleagues:
tell them about Evadav. Share with them your experience and case studies – it will raise your chances to engage new partners.

2) Social media subscribers and followers:
make a post, publish a review or an article describing your experience of working with Evadav. Show them your profit amounts and don’t forget your referral link!

3) Forums users:
search forums, chats, discussion groups and the same platforms as they are a great source of new referrals.

Be proactive!
We don’t set a limit on the amount of referrals brought.

In conclusion, you'll get more active advertisers and, therefore, higher profit!

Should you have any queries or comments, contact your personal manager. We’re always happy to assist you.


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Post by EvaDav » August 31st, 2021, 1:16 pm



Evadav.com is an Ad Platform and network with quick moderation of your ads and dedicated support. On EvaDav you can get the highest conversion rate on the market and ROI comparable with FB. Make profit in any GEO and verticals, including adult, dating, and nutra with advertising on EvaDav.

We created a guide with TOP COUNTRIES and VERTICALS of July 2021 that you can use to get more profit.

This guide is destined to help you in your advertising campaigns optimisation using right verticals for top geos.

Intuition VS data

Great advertising is not just about setting your ad and forgetting about it. If you want to raise your ROI you need to implement a more holistic approach to your marketing strategies. You need to be aware of what is going on before, during, and after you set your advertising campaigns.

First of all, get to know your target audience better. The better you know them the better you will serve them with your campaigns. If you will make them really happy you will get your energy back converted into profit.

Make A/B testing to understand which ad formats or creatives will give more results. Use data from this guide to make data-based offers.

Next, we’ll share our top geo and verticals from data across the platform. You can use them to improve your advertising campaigns and make the best offers for your audience based on data and not intuition only.

So let’s start!

>> https://bit.ly/3kGlHER

In case you have any questions, address your manager, who is ready to help you 24/7/365.

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Post by EvaDav » September 18th, 2021, 12:11 pm


Evadav.com is an Ad Platform with a wide network of publishers that can bring you the possibility to work almost with all verticals and GEO you like.

Our support team is always ready to help you with setting and running your campaigns and as we care about our advertisers we created an AD CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION GUIDE that you can use to boost your ROI.

All advertisers already know that uploading creatives and pushing the start button is not enough. But you also understand that you need to work with the results you get, but your head goes round when you see all those settings and stats with their auto-rules, limits, and placements.

To make you feel like you are at home with all this, we created a very detailed explanation of how you could set up and improve the results of your campaigns and increase ROI.

In this guide, you can find everything you need to know to run successful EvaDav campaigns from ad creation to using collected data stats and numbers from the account panels to make your own optimization strategy and win ROI and profit.

Moreover, for those who are quite professional in campaign creation, we described how you can use some tasty pro tools and get some interesting tips from EvaDav support manager to create campaigns like a real boss.

DOWNLOAD OUR GUIDE https://bit.ly/2YYlsO1

In case you have any questions, address your manager, who is ready to help you 24/7/365.

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Post by EvaDav » October 29th, 2021, 1:29 pm


Hey, Evadavers!
We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new loyalty system. It’s going to blow away advertisers.

But first some information about us.
The Evolving Advertising Network

- 100+ bln amount of ads impressions per month;
- average till 10 minutes 24/7 moderation and support replies;
- monetisation of all geos, devices, browsers, wide range of categories and 50+ custom targeting and optimization options.

We can’t be silent anymore, because fire profit and cosmic opportunities are ahead and waiting to be caught by you. And our loyalty system is just made for this.
It’s time to get down to all the details so that you can benefit from our partnership. Be aware, it’s about to get hot.

What kind of system is this and how does it work?
We’ve developed a performance reward system for all partners evadav.com. It has 6 “power” levels for every partner. You can reach any of them depending on the amount of the monthly spending:
Standard – $0 up to $300
Bronze – $301 up to $1000
Silver – $1001 up to $3000
Gold – $3001 up to $8000
Platinum – $8001 up to $25000
Diamond – $25001 and more.

System mechanics are simple:
1) the more you spend, the more tools and benefits you get;
2) the more tools and benefits you have, the more you earn using them.
In order to check and improve your level, enter your advertiser’s account and check the “Level” tab


Every level has a unique set of perks you’ll get after reaching the required sum of spendings.

What perks and bonuses are waiting for you?
Along with increased account’s rating partner gets additional bonuses and benefits, and therefore grows in a financial and profitable way:


Standard – newbie level
spend reasonably, get enough, however, not enough to rock the world.

1. An access to personal manager: personal consultation and assistance at the very beginning of learning the platform.
2. Partner discounts: get limited access to exclusive offers.
3. Referral program.
4. Access to API on demand: contact your personal manager and optimize your work.

Bronze – growing partner level:
more spending, more income, however, there’s still room to grow.
Adding to the above-mentioned list:
5. Full access to API: https://evadav.com/docs/api
6. An opportunity to use the black lists option.

Silver – advanced partner level:
when it’s easy to grow more, cause you’ve already got all the resources for that.
In addition to all the above-listed benefits:
7. An opportunity to use the white lists option.
8. Tracking setup: exclusive access to detailed reports about traffic, data analysis for increasing efficiency.
9. Personal assistance in campaign creating: create and optimize ads like a pro.

Gold – self-confident partner level:
when traffic and ads campaigns make real money.
More to add to the previous list:
10. Exclusive offers and rates from partners.
11. Cashback: money return, God’s blessing, Mr. Sweet Bonus - call it as you like.

Platinum – solid partner level:
they can do anything by themselves and they earn like Gods.
“Sweet cherry” on top of all above-listed perks:
12. Credit line access: no advanced payment. You pay at the end of the month.
13. Moderation priority in comparison to lower-level partners. No need to wait anymore, you always go first.
14. Expanded personalized support: when you got all the answers fast and in detail. Your personal manager is available 24/7.

Diamond – winners level:
advertisers who create history.
It seems like it’s unreal to add anything else to this list. But we can. Behold the hottest perk ever on this level only:
15. All personalized offers on our platform are yours: contact manager, we’ll arrange cosmic bonuses just for you.

How to take part?
You don’t need to take any additional actions to join the system: you get your level benefits automatically when you spend certain amounts of money per month on Ad Campaigns.

Evadav tips:
Several simple, but effective tips on how to get all benefits of a loyalty program:
- Launch new ads campaigns. Remember – the more you spend the more you get as a result.
- Contact your manager who will tell you about all bonuses of your current level and help you to reach the next one.
- Enjoy your bonuses and fire profit!

Create new campaigns, raise your income increasing your levels and be awesome, just as you profit with Evadav

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Post by EvaDav » November 3rd, 2021, 4:34 pm


Hello, Evadavers!
Have you ever faced a lack of tools or bonuses to make a breakthrough from “earning good” to “earning like god”?
If the answer is “yes”, then this news is just for you!
We’ve launched a fire loyalty system for all our partners-publishers, which will help each of you to raise your profit.

More about loyalty system

We’ve developed a reward system for all partner-publishers of evadav.com. It includes 5 “power” levels for each partner. You can be at any of them depending on the amount of your monthly profit:
Standard – $0 to $500
Bronze – $501 to $1000
Silver – $1001 to $5000
Gold – $5001 to $10000
Platinum – $10001 and more.

The system is quite simple:
1) the more formats you use and the more traffic you pour, the more tools and benefits become available for you;
2) the more tools and benefits you have, the more you earn using them.
To check your level or improve it for to publisher account and pick the Level” tab:


Every level has its unique bonuses and benefits, adding to previous ones for scaling and bigger profit.

Benefits and bonuses
With the level promotion, you receive additional bonuses and perks of evadav loyalty system, thus you grow and develop in terms of profit:


Standard - newbie:
Starting partners, who found a “gold mine”, but they are at the very beginning of their way.
1. A personal manager: personal consultation and assistance at the very beginning of learning the platform.
2. Full access to API: https://evadav.com/docs/api
3. Premium support and live chat access: 24/7/365.
4. Referral program: bring new partners and receive a 5% bonus for each.

Bronze - growing partner:
Create and sell even more traffic, but there’s still room to grow.
To the list of the above-mentioned benefits adds:
5. Daily payouts: from only $25 with the option to withdraw money with any method available in evadav.com.

Silver – the winner:
Evadav publishers, who know that traffic is on the weight of gold.
Besides above-listed benefits the following is available:
6. Daily/weekly fix: fixed CPC rate for your traffic or fixed $ amount for traffic per day/week.
7. Prepaid partnership: prepayment for an agreed period at the starting day.
8. Personal domain for media buyers: your personal domain (update once a week) for all traffic sources.

Gold and Platinum – traffic gods:
They know and can do everything, making cosmic money.
Along with the above-listed benefits:
9. Expanded personalized support: when you got all the answers fast and in detail. Your personal manager is available every time and day.
10. Strong direct advertisers: deal with top advertisers who take your traffic with the highest bids.
11. Personal CPA and RS rates: exclusive and cosmic rates from partners.
12. Credit option: the opportunity to receive finansation for turnover in advance, for traffic purchase to scale current and adding new sources for all arbitrage partners

Each of you is system participant

You don’t need to do anything to join the system. If you’re with Evadav, you’re already in: the benefits will become available for you automatically when your traffic and source profit reaches one of 5 levels.

Tips and life hacks:
Several simple, but effective tips on how to get all benefits of a loyalty program for publishers:
- Create and add new traffic sources.
- Remember, the more formats you use and traffic you pour, the more you get as a result. Your traffic is in weight of gold - we know it for sure.
- Contact your manager who will tell you about all bonuses of your current level and help you to reach the next one.
- Enjoy your cosmic profit, cause you’re the traffic god, for sure!

Add and create new traffic sources, level up and get wow-profit with Evadav

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Post by EvaDav » November 12th, 2021, 8:45 am


Evadav.com is an Ad Platform and network with quick moderation of your ads and dedicated support. On EvaDav you can get the highest conversion rate on the market and ROI comparable with FB. Make profit in any GEO and verticals with advertising on EvaDav.

The whole our optimization team has been thinking and analyzing and finally decided to raise an important topic. Most of evadav.com users do not use all the opportunities of our network, therefore the budget is wasted and conversion doesn’t change for good.

And we just adore when you optimize your ad campaigns and receive a fire profit.

Only 20% of Evadav partners use automated rules. And more than 50% of all advertisers work without black/white lists.

Just imagine these numbers!

In this article we’ll break down in detail how the usage of automated rules, postbacks and black/white lists will dramatically improve conversion and ROI of your ad campaign. Let’s take a successful Push subscription case as an example.

Ad format: Evadav in-page traffic
GEO: India
Campaign period: the 1st test (no optimization) - February, 1-14, the 2nd test (with optimization) - August, 14-31.
Partner network: Zeydoo
Offer: SubsHunter Black. User flow Push Subscription
Total budget: $ 990
Total earned: $ 1890
Net profit: 900$
ROI: 91%
Several creatives have been chosen for A/B testing.

The creatives with female voice over have been used for audience attraction. Once an advertisement appears on a screen, a user wants to click and listen to the voice message. We must admit that this move has influenced CTR significantly and the mentioned creatives showed the best result.

Image Image

Image Image

Further the user has been led to pre-lander, where he/she was offered to click on the “allow” button. The user has been automatically added to the push-notifications list.



The first test was done in February: the advertiser started an ad campaign without postback and automated rules. Traffic purchase is often realized without black/white lists, because no one can predict which sources work well, and which ones don’t.

The 1st test statistics:

Period: February, 01-14 https://prnt.sc/1rl0g69


As we can see from stats, the cost per click reaches 0,0019 cents in several days, clicks are few, ad campaign works payback only, and brings almost no profit.

The advertiser decided to go with the 2nd test in the middle of August, 2021, using the full range of Evadav platform options. The campaigns have been optimized by himself, with no fuss.

Postback setup

In order to track campaign results and have an understanding where traffic goes, postback has been set up. It was crucial to analyze which traffic sources and clicks-through are profitable.
Postback - the links which are used for parameters exchange between system and user (offer’s owner or partnership program) and independent tracker. They are made to track the traffic quality.


There are a lot of macros in Evadav, members can use.

{ZONE_ID} - zone ID, evadav publisher identifier (eg s123)
{SOURCE_ID} - full source id (evadav publisher identifier)(eg s123_abc)
{CAMPAIGN_ID} - ID of your campaign
{CREATIVE_ID} - internal creative ID of your campaigns
{COST} - price
{COUNTRY} - visitor's country
{BROWSER} - visitor's browser
{BROWSER_VERSION} - visitor's browser version
{SUB_PERIOD} - user subscription time (days) in classic push format
{CLICKID} - unique Evadav click ID
{FORMAT} - ad type format
{OS} - visitor's Operational System
{LANG} - visitor's browser language
{CONNECTION_TYPE} - connection type (eg cellular)

To perform analytics in Evadav the advertiser provided Click ID parameters generated by the system into a partnership program, where traffic goes, and then returned Click ID back into stats.

In Evadav analytics section the additional parameter has been provided - Payout. This link should be set up in a partnership program.

Here’s how Postback Link looks like:

https://evadav.com/phpb?click_id={CLICK ... ut={PAYOUT}

There is an option to generate a test Click ID and check the accuracy of postback’s setup for user convenience.
There is a tracking section in the advertiser account where one can make a test.


After the accuracy of postbak work is checked, the advertiser will rest assured that the leads are being passed to Evadav account, which is the essential part of optimization and automated rules setup.
Let’s suppose that automated rules are set up on lead amount and cost per lead.
If the leads are not transferred then the automated rules won’t work and, accordingly, auto-optimization will not happen.
The most common mistake made by advertisers - wrong macros. Postback tests will allow us to spot mistakes (even extra space can influence work accuracy).

We recommend a postback setup while creating an ad campaign, because data analysis of website visitor actions (registration, filling profile in, subscription, etc.) and performance will allow you to proceed with accurate optimization of a certain ad campaign.

Black and white lists

To get the highest results the certain audiences have been created to be further used as Evadav black list and Evadav white list.

For setup we went to the “Audiences” section, created an audience and added preferable traffic sources in the “Source” field.









Your personal manager can enable adult and mainstream traffic types separation on demand, and also provide a white list of sources for according (adult/mainstream) traffic.
Our team highly recommends setting up a whitelist / blacklist for every ad campaign, as due to these settings the work with leads and cost per lead optimization is possible.

Automated rules

Creating an ad campaign the automated rules were set up, and due to their parameters the preferable sources were gathered. Thus the advertiser optimized the traffic and sources automatically therefore he didn’t have to make it manually.

One can set up several conditions at once: Impression, Clicks, Cost, Leads, CTR, Cost per Lead, ROI, Profit. It’s important that all needed data is also being transferred via postback (for instance: macros {COST} in your Target URL).

In this case the following automated rules have been used:
- If we get from the source the cost more than 0,01 and leads less than 1 for 5 days - the platform goes to Blacklist.


- If the cost per lead is more than 0,01 and leads amount is more than 1 - source goes to Blacklist.


The 2nd test statistics after optimization with the use of Evadav platform tools.

Period: August, 14-31 https://prnt.sc/1rl0b8w


As you can see from stats screenshot, postback, automated rules and Blacklist setup influenced significantly both spendins and ROI growth.

Subscription cost, which is paid by the partnership program, is 2 cents. Traffic purchase cost the advertiser, average, 1 cent per lead.

Total ad budget was $990 and partner network made Payout of $1899. The advertiser received net profit of $909. ROI 91%.

We did our best to make this article useful for you. We hope that you’ll follow our recommendations and get even more profit.


Follow our blog, to see all useful information and life hacks for profit growth.

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Post by EvaDav » November 18th, 2021, 11:15 am


Evadav.com is an Ad Platform and network with quick moderation of your ads and dedicated support. On EvaDav you can get the highest conversion rate on the market and ROI.

Improve your campaigns’ performance with Evadav premium traffic

Advertisers, rejoice!

Launch a brand new option in your personal account (active in new accounts only) right now: “Premium” traffic. You better sit down if you don’t want to be blown by this awesome news.

What is it?

Premium traffic is a personal account option in advertisers section and available for creating new ad campaigns only, due to which you can pick “Premium” traffic type.

This option is available for all advertisers with new accounts in Evadav network.

To use it you need to:

1) create new Evadav account
2) top up an advertiser’s balance
3) go to “Campaigns”
4) pick Premium traffic while creating a new ad campaign


That’s it! That’s how you receive the Premium traffic option in terms of a newly created ad campaign.

By the way, you can get Premium traffic option both in push and in-page formats. Run several campaigns and analyze the best results to scale your profit.

What benefits are awaiting you:

1) improved performance of conversion metrics;

2) higher CTR upon test results;

3) Premium zones for launching;

4) the most quality websites and traffic sources from Evadav network top publishers;

5) this traffic has also passed the full check on direct offers.

Creating split campaigns in your new account, you, advertisers, will be able to receive an additional ROI boost, to optimize and increase your budgets along with the efficiency growth.

Tools, one should not ignore

Don’t forget, Premium traffic – it’s great but it’s much better to use all optimization options available in settings.

You simple can’t get the best results without using Evadav extended tool set:

1) always use trackers
Understanding key indicators is a secret of running successful ad campaigns and reaching business goals. Tracking – the only way to get rid of guesses and work out the strategy with a plan and precise goals.

2) use automated rules option
This tool will help you automate the campaign optimization process.
The synergy of Premium traffic and all these tools will create a perfect combination for your profit. That is how you’ll be able not only to make money, but do it the way everyone will be asking you – was that even possible?

Join Evadav, test Premium traffic and keep your wallet wide open, as money will flow like a river from the very first campaign!

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Post by EvaDav » November 23rd, 2021, 2:58 am


Evadav.com is an Ad Platform with a wide network of publishers that can bring you the possibility to work with all verticals you like.

Black Friday from Evadav: fire bonuses, cosmic conversions and crazy ROI

Hey, advertisers!

Now – is the best time to start working with Evadav!

Black Friday special, we’re launching a profit offer for all new and current Evadav advertisers.

Rules are quite simple:

– run new ad campaigns with Premium traffic from 23 to 29th of November
– top up your new account balance
– get bonuses with a promo code while topping up.

Evadav bonus system at a replenishment from:

1) $500 – get $50 bonus with promo code BF500
2) $1000 – get $100 bonus with promo code BF1000
3) $1500 – get $150 bonus with promo code BF1500
4) $2000 – get $200 bonus with promo code BF2000

Hot, isn’t it?
And along with Premium traffic – it’s the bomb.

Premium traffic main advantages:

1) improved performance of conversion metrics;
2) higher CTR upon test results;
3) Premium zones for campaign launch;
4) the most quality websites and traffic sources from Evadav system top publishers;
5) additional ROI boost;
6) this traffic has also passed a full check on direct offers этот трафик.

Test Premium traffic right now!

What a Black Friday without crucial tips from our experts? We’ve prepared for you the list of top verticals, with which you’ll be able to do anything!



1. Sweepstakes

Many people think that they’ll be more lucky during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

That’s why we observe the growth of participation in giveaways and lotteries.

If you want to promote your lottery-related offers, then update your target pages to align with Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.

For instance, you can tell that they don’t need to wait stores’ opening and participate with other customers – they can just win a desired product by taking part in your offer or lottery.

Creatives’ examples:


It’s ideal to run this vertical campaigns with formats:
– Evadav in-page
– Evadav push

Big profit and cosmic conversions are guaranteed!

2. E-commerce

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the biggest shopping “holidays” in a whole year, therefore it’s obvious that all online-shopping offers will be on top of search requests!

The main sub-categories worth paying attention: computers and devices, homeware, clothes and accessories, and also – video games.

Creatives’ examples:


Better pour with these formats:
– Evadav push
– Evadav in-page

Exactly this way you’ll get the best ROI performance.

3. Lead Generation/Push subscription

It’s easier to make people subscribe to free offers and discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, because users are more open to new products and services.

Therefore advertisers should promote free or high discount offers: create vouchers, free samples, gift cards, etc.

Creatives’ referrencies:


We recommend the following formats for this vertical:
– classic push and in-page.

4. Gambling & Sports Betting

Many people think that it’s ok to lose money at this time of the year, because it’s an entertainment that users waited for.

You, advertisers, will have high chances to earn more if you promote gambling and sports betting offers with Rev-Share model.

This is the most popular period for poker, slots, sports and race bettings. Use Black Friday and Cyber Monday charms to promote partner offers from gambling brands: you can observe player registration amount growth.



For this vertical the following formats work best:
Evadav push and in-page.

5. Adult & Dating

During this period many people feel lonely and would like to have a companion, even if it’s online or for a short period of time.

People will be more open to purchase adult products and services, including dating apps, web-shows and goods for improving male and female pleasure.

Create hot offers, which will convert great.

Creatives’ examples:


The best formats for this vertical:
– in-page
– and push, because it always works best for this vertical!

Well, now you’re ready for Black Friday and we can rest assured that you’ll be able to get maximum and jump above your heads.

Test Premium traffic, raise your spendings, get bonuses and improve your campaign results eternally!

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Post by EvaDav » December 4th, 2021, 2:41 pm


Hey, advertisers!

In an ideal world every advertiser dreams to create the only one creative and landing, launch a campaign and get 1000% ROI at once. Ha-ha!
Unfortunately these dreams have nothing to do with reality.

While analyzing advertisers’ creative launch our evadav.com team found out the most of advertisers work with creatives wrong:

- they don’t test different creatives;
- they don’t analyze the results;
- they don’t optimize their ad campaigns;
- they don’t use life hacks from our managers;
- and therefore they get results lower than their competitors.

Therefore, we’ve developed a detailed manual on working with creatives based on an advertiser’s successful case who started making more money after he’d figured out how to work with creatives properly.

In this case, we’ll share life hacks and most common mistakes of working with creatives and tell in detail why they are one of the crucial parts of an ad campaign.

If you still have not joined our advertisers community, this time has come! Welcome to our family evadav.com!

Ad format: Evadav push traffic
Campaign period: 20.10.21 - 18.11.21
Target: Windows desktop
Language: English
Offer: McAfee Total Protection 2021
Partner network: TORO Advertising
Total budget: 6877 $
Total earned: 13 320 $
Net profit: 6442 $
ROI: 94%

The advertiser has used a mainstream traffic and Evadav classic push. Targeted on one geo – tier 1, the USA, Windows desktop only. The McAfee Total Protection 2021 offer with a payout of $40 has been chosen.

The traffic has been launched on the latest subscriptions in order to increase CTR and lower click cost as users are the most active within the first 7 days of getting to base. Also he poured over the latest OS versions and used automated rules.

Initially, the advertiser launched an ad campaign without testing the proper work of creatives. He used the following evadav creatives:

Image Image

By clicking on the creative user was transferred to the landing page. As the world sale devoted to Black Friday was approaching, the advertiser decided to use this opportunity to reach the audience's attention.


Ad campaign period: 20.10 - 18.11.2021


Within a period when the advertiser used only two creatives, CTR was low 0,58% cost per click was high $0,25 compared to average performance of ad campaigns. The amount of received leads is extremely low.

Campaign results leave a lot to be desired.

The results after campaign optimization

After the first test, the advertiser decided to work on his creatives: proceeded A/B testing, studied results, provided optimization and followed life hacks and tips from our Evadav managers.

The advertiser used a lot of creatives right after optimization. They do not dramatically vary in terms of creative approach, but in this case the advertiser used information about a discovered virus in a forefront of creative, bright colors, texts and emoji.

Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

If you think that the creatives made by you are ideal, a user may not think the same. Trust figures, that’s how you can understand 100%, what exactly will fit your audience.

As a result, the advertiser got a really good profit.


Total budget spent on this ad campaign was $6877, and 333 leads were gained. The payout from Toro Advertising partnership program was $13320.
The advertiser got a net profit of $6442. ROI 94%.

As you can see on stats, the creatives with the higher CTR bring more conversion and cost per lead is getting less.

What do creatives consist of?

As we can see from case results, creatives are the crucial part of an ad campaign. You better take their creation seriously as properly chosen creatives can save the whole campaign.

Evadav push notifications consist of an icon, title, detailed description, image and URL-address.

Advertisers may use different types of titles up to 30 symbols, vivid description - up to 45 symbols; an icon 192*192 pxl, main image and URL.


Life hacks on making creatives:

1. Learn your audience. You must understand a user’s interests and behaviour. Such an analysis will help you to get the ideal avatar of your audience.
2. Use trending images. Creatives with a popular celebrity image, bonus offers and results display attract attention and increase CTR a lot.
3. Follow visual trends. One should follow trends and stay on top in every sphere, including arbitrage as well.
4. Creative approach and humor. Make up something original and unique for creatives, which can catch audience attention. We are forced to fight for the user's attention as we all are literally bathing in information nowadays.
5. Make a creative matching offer. Do not mislead users with a creative that doesn’t match the offer. Following the link he/she may not see what is expected. Thus one can easily destroy a user's trust which is hard to gain for the second time.

Creatives’ tests principles
A/B-testing is one of the best ways to double or even triple conversion performance shortly.

For the test, there’s no need to increase your marketing spendings and generate more traffic.

Why not attract more clients with the current traffic? That’s the magic of A/B testing. However the A/B testing can be easily distorted.

Remember the fundamental rule:
test one element at a time to track what exactly influences conversion results.

We’ll answer the most frequently asked questions at once:

1. How many clicks/views should creative get?
Clicks and views amount depends on geo, target, budget, bids and CTR. While running an ad campaign traffic is being spread equally among all creatives and after the first pour the traffic volumes go more likely to the creative with the higher CTR. It’s recommended to run a test on 10K impressions and 1K clicks.

2. How much time does one need to test creatives?
Test period depends on the offer, on average it’s 4-6 days. If the traffic volumes are big, the creative may burn out on the same traffic sources.

3. What CTR is the best?
CTR depends on the offer and chosen format. An average CTR on Evadav push format is 0,5-2%, CTR on Evadav in-page — around 1-5%.
Anomaly high or low CTR causes suspicion and we recommend sending such types of traffic to “black list”.

4. How often should I change creatives?
We recommend you to change creatives every 2 weeks, it depends on creative performance. If you have low traffic volumes, then creative life time may be 2-4 weeks. If you can see at once that all creatives show high CTR and one shows - low one, then you better switch it off and add new creative.

5. How many different evadav campaigns can be run for one banner test?
Usually one tests 1 offer, or several ones. One better use 1 offer and test different creatives. We recommend using 5 and more creatives per one test. Also, the bigger creative amount (up to 16) is available on demand, for this contact Evadav manager.

Which creative’s elements do you need to test?

1. Icon – it’s the first which attracts the attention of a user while interacting with push notifications.

For instance, 3 icons have been tested and after the test the best results were given by a second variant.

Image Image Image

Creating icons tips:
- Use closeup images;
- Test different color schemes;
- Use frames;
- Add different elements to measure an effect.

2. Banners. Testing all the time is mandatory, even if you are sure in your new creatives, users may like the most unexpected variant.

Creating banners tips:
- Female images may increase CTR;
- The images with a contrasting background are easier to notice;
- Add emoji and figures;
- Use images which can trigger emotions;
- Use trending images with a hype topic;
- Change creatives often to keep CTR on high level, avoid burnout and get more reach.

3. Different text variants are also important to test. You never know which text will encourage the user to make a target action.

Creating copyrights tips:
- Selling titles will encourage users to go to the landing page;
- Vivid description and CTA (call to action) may strengthen the title;
- Using emoji will increase the user's emotional response.

Common mistakes on running tests

1. The main mistake of arbitrage managers is testing too many elements at a time.
2. Keep in mind, the test should last around 7 days. Evadav’s Advertisers often ignore this rule and turn off creatives earlier, cutting their full potential.
3. Copying someone else’s experiments, instead of testing your own hypothesis. Use your creativity and original approach building something new.
4. You can’t expect little changes will drastically increase conversion. In fact, optimization is a never ending process as long as creatives are peculiar to burn out.
5. Hoping that one creative will work all time. Change landings and creatives from time to time so that users would not get sick and tired from watching the same creatives.
6. Creative doesn’t align with a landing page or message text and creative differs.
7. Low quality images creatives are often being launched. In this case, one should not expect high CTR.

Tips on making converting creatives

- If you made creatives, ran 7-days tests, but still they convert badly, use spy-services to learn what creatives work well and bring more traffic. But you must take into consideration that there can be creatives that have already been burned out. It’s better to change them and develop your own unique creatives.

- Don’t miss an opportunity to exchange the experience with your colleagues. Visit conferences, thematic forums, subscribe to all arbitrage chats.

- Don’t forget re-testing. Make tests of those creatives that gave better results and then burned out. Creatives relaunch may work better with time.

- Analyze your approach in creatives making in related verticals. You may get insights where you don't even expect them. For instance, gambling, betting and binary options may have similar principles of making creatives.

- There is an option of creative visualisation on the user's device in Evadav when you create a campaign. Big image cropping may vary on different devices. Pay attention, all systems display push notifications in different ways.


One should not underestimate the role of creatives while ad campaign launch because it would be a big mistake and play tricks on you.

We hope that this case will help you to pay more attention to the importance of making tests, analytics and creatives optimization.

Our blog is constantly updated with useful articles and life hacks for advertisers. Follow the updates and we wish you fire profit!

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Post by EvaDav » December 10th, 2021, 7:38 am


Monetize traffic with fire profit

Push notifications are a top format for monetization, it’s a fact №1. And always has been!

Fact №2 is that we’ve developed a guideline in a world of Evadav push special for all our publishers, due to which all of you will be able to:

- choose a proper push type: native, pop-ups or in-page;
- know everything about optimal setup for displaying notifications: with life hacks and expert tips;
- earn maximum on your traffic: from “not bad” to ”wow, what a profit”;
- figure out all payout models and many other cool things: RevShare, CPА and even open an access of working with Flat Rate model;
- and many other cool things.

Dear publishers, if you’re ready, then we take off to a wonderful Evadav push world and Evadav dream profit!

Read the guide!

Join Evadav

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Post by EvaDav » December 25th, 2021, 3:44 pm


The Evadav Team is wishing everyone a merry christmas!

Hello, Evadavers!
The Christmas Race by our One-Stop Best Traffic Shop starts in 3 ... 2 ... 1 …

Get 5% Back From Your Ad Spends For The Whole Holiday Season!

What do you need to do:
- Go to your account;
Fund your account with our Christmas promo code Eva2022 by January 10th and get $50;
- Hurry up! Bonuses are limited and available to the first 100 lucky ones;
- Launch and scale your Ad Campaigns;
- Receive up to 5% of your advertising spend at the finish of our Race;

At the end of the race, we will add bonuses to your balance within 3 working days after request. You must contact us by email support@evadav.com. The subject line should be «Evadav Christmas Race Cashback».

https://evadav.com/advertiser/christmas ... e_24.12.21

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Post by EvaDav » December 31st, 2021, 9:24 am


Maximum profitable traffic monetization
the guideline for publishers

This magical New Year festive period is the best time to make a resolution, isn’t it?

We’d like to give a promise to all our publishersfor the next year – even more profit, traffic maximum monetization and the best offers from our EVADAV ad network.

And to make it real, we share with you a unique guideline for publishers which will help you to:

- discover traffic monetization secrets
- get the most valuable information on how to earn: starting from CPA top rates and up to the best converting traffic sources
- learn in details the main tendencies of the upcoming year
- get insider’s information on Evadav ad formats for even better results.

Download our new guide, read it and implement recommendations. We wish you to meet the New Year fully equipped with knowledge and money!

Join Evadav

Read the guide

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Post by EvaDav » January 14th, 2022, 2:50 pm


Top verticals, geo, and the most profitable offers of this winter season from Evadav

Nothing’s more important than growth and development. We know it, you know it, all successful companies and partners know it.
So it’s time to remind you of the most significant system updates we’ve issued on evadav.com in 2021, you, advertisers, should definitely be aware of and use them while setting up ad campaigns to get even higher conversions and results.

The most crucial updates:
1. We’ve enhanced the security and safety of personal data in our ad network due to the integration of two-factor Google authentication.
2. We’ve realized a new version of API 2.2 due to which you can set up recommended and maximum bids in two clicks.
3. Created and launched the referral program and loyalty systems for advertisers, so that you can earn even more, getting even more tools.
4. Added new payment methods: 40+ payment methods are available to you from any place in the world.
5. To avoid budget overrun we’ve created the option of daily limits on leads quantity.
6. Finalized the section of creatives’ stats for your ad campaigns optimization and better creatives’ scaling.
7. Updated the rules for black and white lists: now you can exclude separate sub-sources at a level of each zone.
8. And last but not least: launched Premium Push, In-page, Popunder traffic for even better conversion and results.

Plans for system upgrades in 2022 are huge, therefore growth and development with us are guaranteed!

The most effective verticals of winter 2022

What can be better than updates and enhancement of working tools? Only top geo and verticals – up-to-date and working best for you and your wallet.
And sure, the most profitable offers of the season are waiting for you in the Evadav ad network! Be ready to start the most fruitful campaigns of the winter 2022 season rich in holidays and big events.
Wake up and let’s go get cosmic profit, cause the traffic now is exactly what one needs.

What verticals are top now and what ad formats do they fit?


The volumes of popunder and in-page traffic in 2021 grew by 30% in the Evadav system. Moreover, we’ve recently released the option of Premium traffic, which gives even better results. Traffic CR has grown along with it.

As we can see, dating is leading and growing with each year in all formats, and no wonder. Losing other entertainment such as traveling, dining outside, and even e-commerce due to delivery issues made it easier for users to switch to social media. They have more spare time and they are ready to spend more money on online dating. Moreover, Valentine’s day is approaching – the day when a lot of people may feel the most vulnerable and lonely and they seek for a company to brighten up this period.

Sweepstakes traditionally work well with popunder and in-page traffic, however, there are few changes in preferable prizes among users. For instance, the iPhone lost its popularity while cash rewards and other products hit the top. We can also see that the best results are shown by context-relevant offers of lotteries during holidays.

Betting and gambling will even more actively show great results this season, because this February 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will take place. Huge amount of fans will be watching hockey, figure skating, biathlon and, sure thing, they’ll be making bets. Therefore these verticals are good at almost any format.

Crypto. Considering the current uncertain pandemic and lockdown situation cryptocurrency vertical joins the above mentioned list. We already observe this tendency and recommend testing crypto-offers.

According to current tendencies we can say that Utilities and Software will be holding their positions in push-traffic and native ads.

Create unique evadav creatives your audience won’t miss out on.

For instance, antivirus is especially in demand in Tier 1 countries. Users from these countries care about security and safety during the winter festive season the most. Norton AntiVirus utility will be to the point as it protects devices from viruses and hacks.


Also, we can observe the growth of audience interest in downloading apps, games, etc.

Devices start working slower or don’t work properly and the software as CleanMyMac and similar ones, which clean and fasten devices’, will be actual as never before.


Ecommerce shows itself especially great with in-page and native formats. 2021 became a new round of development for electronic commerce. Most of the sellers and customers transferred to online shopping due to coronavirus pandemic prolongation. As traffic volumes are growing new offers appear.

Based on the above mentioned data it’s worth using time-proven verticals for a good earning. However, we recommend not to miss out the opportunity of testing new verticals which are rapidly growing: Crypto, Cybersport and NFT. We’re sure the results won’t take long.

Geo to be considered this winter

It’s not obvious, which geo are fruitful and which ones are not. Thus we decided to shed light on this crucial part of settings.

Top Geo:


When it comes to push and popunder formats, you can definitely profit if you target Russia or Brazil – these countries show great growth since the pandemic started and placed top positions. Though advertisers amount continues to grow and it enhances the competition and rates accordingly.

Mexico and Columbia work well with in-page ads.

And the most popular geo working with all formats for dating vertical are USA and Tier 1 countries.

Winter lowers the efficiency of several geo: India and Indonesia in native and popunder, and German and Italy – in push. Test these zones properly before you launch your ad campaigns. But, unique offers in India can work with the lower payouts, it needs to be tested.

Don’t worry if your favorite zones don’t work as usual, they will recover the soonest. And at the moment you better test new offers, geo. It’s time to discover new working schemes.

What tools are better be used

Keep in mind, your favorite settings may not bring you desired results. Develop an alternative plan – new zones, you can test and launch new evadav campaigns on. And be ready to eat that frog if you want to get results.

Don’t forget great results shown by automated rules in 2021 – it’s a unique tool helping to grow the conversion and avoid budget waste.


And along with black/white lists and postback your campaigns can gain decent results.


Evadav recommendations:
1. The most popular cross-format verticals in 2022 are still Dating, Ecommerce, Gambling and Betting. Therefore use classic to get good profit.
2. New verticals such as Crypto, Cybersport and NFT will be expanding, therefore you better consider them and start testing them now.
3. We forecast popularity growth of in-page and popunder traffic (which we’re actively improving). Thus in 2022 you, our dear evadav advertisers, will have even more opportunity to work with quality and converting traffic at a lower price.

Stay tuned, test time-proven and new verticals, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone – it’s the place where new opportunities and rapid growth live.

Should you have any questions – we’re always ready to answer them and assist you 24/7.

Launch campaigns right now with Evadav!

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Post by EvaDav » January 22nd, 2022, 8:23 am


Trackers as an effective automation tool

If you’re working with digital ads, then you know how crucial it is to plan campaigns properly and cut non-effective ads off. And doing it manually, especially when ads are more than 2-3, is too complicated and time-consuming.
To automate and simplify advertisers’ work, one should use trackers, which provide detailed analytics and compile data necessary for a decision whether to stick to certain ads or not.

In this article, we’ll break down all the required information about trackers for easy work with traffic. Do you need them? Let’s get to know it.

Join those who already work and earn with Evadav!

What are trackers?

Tracker is a program automating ad campaigns’ data collection, processing, and analysis. Most trackers are not limited to these functions, but have additional features like splitting your traffic to hide it from moderators (show your target audience one content and to platform moderators - another one) or banning bots.

Trackers can be:

- Cloud
They are on the owners’ service side. High data rate and no need to know technical specs to set it up.
Are being installed on the customer’s hosting or server. Benefits: prompt response, unlimited traffic volume, data is saved on your server automatically.
Server trackers are cheaper and beneficial for those who work with big traffic volumes. And cloud trackers are more functional and efficient.

Trackers’ main functions:
– incoming and outcoming traffic tracking;
– split-testing;
– user data collection;
– landing pages and pre-landers work tracking;
– blocking bots;
– analyzes the efficiency of offers, creatives, ad campaigns, and ads.

These are the basic functions, even for free software. However, most trackers include many other useful features which not only analyze ads but also make the whole work simple.

Why do advertisers need to use trackers?

A good tracker will allow you to automate routine and free your time. You’ll be able to:
- Check bundles’ efficiency. Tracker collects data from all added sources, compares efficiency and conversion. All analytics are in one interface. You only need to compare.
- Get maximum profit. You’ll be able to split and redirect traffic on different offers, to raise a conversion. Splitting is available in terms of language, geo, operators, OS, etc.
- Redirect traffic in two clicks. You don’t need to stop ad campaigns to redirect traffic or change the partner system. All can be done inside the tracker.
- Set up automatic change of partnership system. If you reach the lead limit in one partner system, the tracker will redirect traffic on the same offer in another partner system.
- Run tests. To define ad campaign, creative, or landing page efficiency.
It’s a useful, practical, and very handy software that makes the work of Evadav advertisers easier and faster.

Proven top trackers with a discount form Evadav

We’ve made a selection of reliable and functional trackers for you, our advertisers, to pick from. With each of these trackers we’ve set up fast integration just in two clicks. Go to “Traffic Sources” and find our ad network. Also, get a discount with promo code Evadav.

1. Adsbridge
from $29 to $799. Trial version - 14 days.
– creating and managing ad campaigns in one tab;
– multi-level report system available in real-time;
– report settings: you can switch unwanted parameters off;
– the platform allows working with big traffic volume;
– tracking frauds, bots, etc.

2. AppsFlyer
Promo code gives you:
Discount up to 50%.
Individual calculation with a manager
– free package available;
– operation high speed;
– one of the leading trackers;
– full tracking functions set in a free package.

3. Bemob
Promo code gives you:
25% discount when paying for a month.
from $49 to $499. Trial version - 3 months.
– split-testing is available;
– traffic tracking and distribution;
– domain redirecting;
– real-time reports;
– tracking mobile campaigns;
– easy to use.

4. Binom
Promo code gives you:
40% discount with the payment for the first month.
$69 per month. Trial - 14 days.
– one of the fastest trackers. One-click is processed in 5-7 ms;
– reports are loaded almost instantly;
– functions are constantly being updated;
– tracker processes big volumes of data quite well;
– tech support works around the clock.

5. Funnelflux
$99 per month. The first month costs $1.
– fast stats;
– can track without cookie;
– can add an unlimited amount of domains;
– precise data;
– reports can be adjusted up to you;
– you can integrate service with optimizers.

6. Keitaro
Promo code gives you:
Discount up to 50%.
from $25 to $70. Demo-version is available.
– 30 filters for traffic distribution;
– own landing pages and offers editor;
– protection from bots;
– cloaking is available;
– flexible settings;
– full-featured API.

7. Kintura
Promo code gives you:
Discount up to 50%.
from $199 to $999. Demo-version is available for one month.
– incoming data fast processing;
– evaluates user’s behavior;
– unloads data instantly;
– adapts to any vertical;
– tech support around the clock.

8. Landingtrack
Promo code gives you:
Discount 20% for 2 months. 1 free month if you buy 6 months. And 3 free months - for 12 months purchased.
from $49 to $499. Demo-version is available in each package.
– all ad campaigns can be automated;
– real-time analytics;
– split-testing is available;
– you can share access to the tracker with your team.

9. Octotracker
Promo code gives you:
30% discount if you pick the “Profi” package and pay for the first month.
From RUB 2 400 to RUB 8 5000.
– powerful analytics system;
– traffic quality control is available;
– all analytics in one place;
– financial analytics available;
– works with all popular CPA networks.

10. Peerclick
Promo code gives you:
$50 on your balance.
from $99 to $649. Free version of 100 000 events.
– protections from bots and moderators;
– low price;
– high processing speed - up to 1 mln clicks per day;
– you can work with mobile traffic.

11. Redtrack
Promo code gives you:
Discount up to 50%.
from $49 to $1119. Trial - 14 days.
– you can create several filters flows for one ad campaign;
– choosing redirect scheme after the transition to a landing page is available;
– conversion limits can be set up;
– easy to use, user-friendly interface;
– guidelines for most partner systems are available.

Promo code gives you:
69% discount on the first month.
from $199 to $699. Trial - 7 days.
– integrates with many popular trackers;
– easy to use;
– fast working speed.

Promo code gives you:
30% discount if you purchase 6 months. Promo code EVADAV30.
from $44 to $799. Trial - 14 days.
– low price on basic subscription;
– supports up to 50 traffic sources;
– reports can be detailed on criteria;
– split-testing.

14. Voluum
Promo code gives you:
Eternal discount of $10 for Discover package and $20 for Profit one.
from $89 to $499.
– easy to use;
– regular updates;
– SSL tracking;
– processing high speed;
– real-time statistics update.

15. Zeustrack
Promo code gives you:
Discount up to 50%.
$499 and $899/month. A trial version is available.
– no limits on clicks amount;
– landing pages are saved in the cloud;
– you can modify access levels;
– integration with third-party websites.

Every tracker has strong and weak sides.
We recommend testing several of them to choose what is optimal and useful for you. It’s possible as most services have trial versions.
Leave your ad campaigns’ efficiency to Evadav and get quality traffic at fair price!

Here is Voluum example on how to start using tracker

We’ve created a manual for a better understanding of how to set trackers up. Voluum tracker will be set as an example in this text, but the principles of other trackers are the same. The difference is only in interface.

Setting Voluum up:
1. First, create a traffic Source. For this:
1.1. Open “Traffic Sources”.
1.2. Click «Create» and then select the “Traffic Sources” option in the drop-down menu.


1.3. Pick Evadav from the list.
1.4. Click «Next».


1.5. Set additional options according to your needs and click the “Save” button.


2. Now go to “Campaigns” and click the “Create” button. Select “Campaign Simple” or “Campaign Advanced” in the drop-down menu.


2.1. In the opened form pick the traffic source you’ve just created in the previous step.
2.2. Enter the name of the campaign in the “Campaign name” text field.
2.3. Select the workspace type in the “Workspace” menu.
2.4. Pick a lander (optionally) in the “Landers” menu.
2.5. Choose your offer in the “Offers” menu.
2.6. Click the “Save” button.


2.7. Click the “Copy” button.


2.8. Click the “Done” button.

You’ve completed setting Voluum up.
Now go to the Evadav account.

Set it up in Evadav:
1. Open “Campaigns” section.
2. Click the “Create” button.
3. Enter the name of the campaign in the “Campaign name” text field.
4. Paste URL link that you’ve previously copied in Voluum in “Target URL” text field.


5. Upload your creative and enter ad campaign other details.

Evadav tip: Conversion transferring from tracker to our Evadav ad network will help you to get more relevant traffic. Automatic sort out process to black and white lists will allow you to raise ROI more than in two times as a result of our tests. And automated rules option will enhance traffic flow optimization. Therefore we recommend not to ignore these tools.

6. Select geo.
7. Provide a bid value.
8. Click the “Create” button.

Now The traffic that Evadav provides will be directed through Voluum to a destination that you have set in Voluum.

Every software has its manuals and guidelines and it will help you with fast and easy settings. But, overall, the interface is user-friendly.
Do advertisers need a tracker? Our answer is YES. Even though you don’t have many ad campaigns and you are just starting your way, you definitely need to use a tracker.

It’s not only a routine automation, but also a full and detailed stats about your campaigns. And the more you know about your traffic, the less money you spend on testing and the higher conversion will be..

Start your work in the most promising ad network right now – Evadav invites advertisers to cooperate.

Advertise with Evadav!

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Post by EvaDav » January 29th, 2022, 6:05 am


Raising profit recommendations from Evadav experts

An active dynamics of social and commerce processes in digital has created an ideal environment for advertisers. New products enter the digital market following technologies and social tendencies. They change the balance of vertical’s popularity and conversion rates.

In this case, staying a calm watcher and relying on old schemes is a road to failure. Conservatism is good only within reasonable limits. To help you, our advertisers, the Evadav team offers a brief forecast with the review of trends, offers, and verticals in affiliate marketing in 2022.

If you are going to test yourself in affiliate marketing, start easily with Evadav.

Where to search traffic in 2022?

Epidemic COVID-19 pandemic and social transformation to remote forms of interactions connected with it naturally stimulated the growth of technologies and communication channels (which have been already in demand). And, to our opinion, the major expectations from affiliate marketing this year are closely connected with them.

Social networks

It’s easy to explain the growing popularity of social media: they are naturally transforming from a communication spot to a handy marketplace, with a warmed-up audience willing to pay. It’s easy and profitable to direct it on desired offers.

Influencer marketing, microblogging
Microblogging is an unfolding trend. Набирающий силу тренд – микроблогинг. The promiscuity of top bloggers ready to promote anything is getting annoying.
- Observation: public often gathers around expert channels with limited reach, but with strong thematic skills.
Considering deal prices of top opinion leaders, a narrow focus ad campaign from a small blogger, but with a warm audience, and at a lower price became a pot of gold for an average arbitrage manager (the majority of them).

We’re impressed with the pace communicative robots surround us with. It’s not an exotic option to simplify tech support work anymore, virtual helpers more often become the main income channel of arbitrage managers.
- Stats: 69% of website visitors prefer chat-bots to live support. The reason – replies speed.


Yeah, CTR (click-through rate) doesn’t break records, however, the variety of options and reasonably low costs for connection make the chat-bots a genuinely profitable tool as the demand for instant replies rapidly grows.

This friendly artificial intelligence shows the best results in offers with active traffic, for instance, microcredit, adult, and dating.


This trend is not new, but it’s still far from the top. We truly believe that Evadav advertisers will pay attention to this format’s potential.
-Fact: at the peak of quarantine most video hostings lowered content quality on purpose to maintain a stable work of servers. There is traffic for sure.
Information volumes grow constantly and video ads, as an efficient and versatile channel, win the fight for users’ attention. It’s easy to explain: dynamic image carries a signal charge that is not available to average sound, picture, and text.

It’s profitable for advertisers to use video ads, as it allows them to get to the point of the offer where a potential lead will not want to spend time reading text or watching images.
- Research: a website with prevailing video content is effective in keeping visitors’ attention.


Promoting offers with the help of video is a fruitful strategy. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest: the rabbit hole of traffic where proactive advertisers will catch the luck in 2022.

“Don’t forget that we also work with verticals and offers which don’t match with video formats, social media, etc. We recommend writing to Evadav personal manager to try new traffic sources in 2022, he will assist you to target your ad campaigns properly”.

Homyuk Yana,
Head of advertisers department Evadav

Audio marketing

The question is not whether SEO will commit to audio and voice search, but when it will happen? Here, in Evadav we think it’ll happen very soon. At the moment the parity with classic requests is kept, however, attentive masters willing to pour traffic with maximum profit have already started changing the promotion strategy considering the public’s actual demands. That’s the way to advertise, there’s money.

Voice search
Less text, more sounds: people are more likely to use their voice to browse. According to statistics and looking at requests dynamics voice search is ahead of other request forms and by 2024 8 from 10 visitors will submit their requests remotely from their devices.
- Fact: Google has presented language dialog modal LaMDA in spring 2021.


This innovation will allow users to interact with the app not only with the help of text and voice but also with the help of media files, refining search conditions to the max. Keep an eye on this tendency in 2022.

Podcasts and audio apps can’t be called a new format, but the hype around ClubHouse showed the great potential of the niche.


Influencer marketing will shift more and more to the side of small communities and advertisers are better to stay close to authority figures gathering audiences.

Email send-outs

Cold spamming is still not actual, but hot or at least warm send-out with the maximum personalized offer at a right time will be to the point. At least, experts often claim this format to return its actuality.
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Sure a quality base that will be regularly sorted and filtered out and thought through send-out schedule is a must. Nobody told us it would be easy. However, the game is worth the candle, and the growing conversion rate in this direction is encouraging.

Ads formats

Classic push and in-page
Everyone uses push formats. The level and thematics of the source don’t matter, nowadays every ethernet resource tries to make every visitor subscribe to attack him/her with push notifications further.

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Leaving the banner blindness zone they offer, buy, send messages turning from annoying into non-visible sources of actual information.
- By the way: in-page format popularity is connected with push reincarnation, as an attempt to add drive and increase conversion of a classic ads format.

Sure, we haven’t forgotten pop-under. The further, the more reputation this format gets.

Pop-under format is simple, costs less than native and context ads, has a wide reach, no matter what to promote, and works stable on any device. Unlike push format.

By the way, the Evadav team has launched Premium Pop-under, Push, and In-page traffic – conversions and ROI are higher.
“Based on our advertisers’ experience we see that in-page is taking over and promising good profit. Consider this format in 2022”.

Homyuk Yana,
Head of advertisers department Evadav

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Technologies are everywhere

While users are only getting new searching experiences, advertisers must start using the new strategy as the war for the top position in search engines is endless. New technologies and algorithms fan the flame of the fight for traffic. In 2022 Evadav recommends considering the following directions.

Multitask Unified Model (MUM)
The update from Google, allowing to get a maximum detailed response without a need for additional search.


Note: производительность нейронной сети MUM neuron network efficiency is 1000 times higher than the BERT algorithm launched a couple of years ago.

You can see the pace of search technologies development and the importance to be in trend. Innovation promises to be super handy for its users, therefore publishers improve their websites so that MUM would not leave them behind. And that means that more quality and relevant traffic awaits our advertisers.

Campaigns automation
Affiliate marketing moves with the progress and the transition to automated setting and control regimes for campaigns are not a fantasy about the future, it’s a reality. Here is what you can rely on AI in 2022:
- traffic redistribution between creatives and campaigns;
- independent search of problem platforms, geo and budget distribution between zones according to conversion performance;
- several campaigns parallel setup;
- search and automatic distribution of bids without a master 24/7;
- submitting orders to fix money flow, change geo, buy profitable leads.

We are sure that an experienced advertiser can do this manually. But time is crucial. Using artificial intelligence helps us to manage several campaigns effectively.

As a result: if a drawdown occurs the system’s fast reaction will lower the loss to 10-20%. On the other hand, profit potential grows significantly with the help of AI. It’s the right road to scaling, our friends.

VR/AR – the future in the present
One more topic in addition to AI development in affiliate marketing – technologies of virtual and augmented realities. Besides this technology has a bright future you should not expect its massive takeover on the consumer market in the nearest future.
- Fact: only 1-2% of those who are not afraid of the cost of VR/AR devices and their dependence on outlying devices own such gadgets.
Though the market grows and it’s a fact. For instance, there are a lot of iGaming software developers, and such brands as NetEnt and Microgaming are working on slots and roulette where everyone using a VR/AR headset can observe dealer’s work, watch the spin of a wheel and a ball, can see own hands on a virtual board with playing cards without leaving own room.


It’s hard to tell how far this new reality will take over the market in 2022. But there’s no doubt that under wise control, this niche promises a big profit from ads. And, sure, those who will be first will take it all.

Couple of words about obvious: native ads and mobile traffic

Native ads are a potentially endless source of traffic in the age of users annoyed with banners and push formats. The best thing is that now and in the future it will organically profit in every vertical. You just need to give up classic templates and start using, for instance, click-rotating creatives. It’s a safe bet in wise hands at any year A.D.
- Interesting observation: even your granny uses social media such as Facebook, Skype on her smartphone. It’s better than any stats showing the demand for mobile traffic.
The offer’s profit and vertical actuality won’t cost a thing if you won’t take care of those who see the world through pocket gadgets. Such an audience is more than a half in a network.

Do you want to earn even more?
Keep on adapting campaigns to smartphones. No doubt, it will be on-trend in 2022.

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Top verticals in 2022

So we’ve figured trends out. Now let’s talk about verticals that will be on-demand in 2022 according to evadav.com.

Adult – eternal classic and its popularity grows with the need to avoid real communication. Sure, it’s a top.
Nutrition. New strains, new health issues mean new requests and volumes in this vertical. Rude, but it’s the reality.
E-commerce. All that makes a home cozy is going up. Goods for active leisure abroad probably won’t succeed. This niche demands a proper analysis.
Betting: 2022 promises a pot of gold. See yourself: Beijing Winter Olympics, Finland Hockey League, Europe final League and UEFA champions league, FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and Wimbledon. Those are major events. And there are many others. Plus Cybersport is actively promoted in Russia.
Gambling. Offer rates grow along with traffic. And what else should people do at home if not gambling? Pop-unders will help you.
Finance. The crisis is everywhere. Loans and credits are the new blacks. Traffic will be only growing in this vertical on a world scale.
Dating, online. It's a promising vertical. Though there is an opinion that it can draw down due to traffic transition to social media.
Software and Utilities. If you look towards app monetization then you need to consider mobile audience needs first of all. Although traffic is stable on the desktop.
Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin locomotives created a wide path for altcoins and service systems. Great source of profit with unlimited potential.
NFT. The most vivid trend of the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Although there is still no rush from advertisers. Anyway, there's a feeling that this vertical may suddenly become a gold mine.

“Trends are awesome and you should keep an eye on them. But considering the current situation, don't spend much money on experiments. We recommend spending some budget to test market innovations such as NFT, but also stick to time-proven good old verticals and formats as basics for your ad campaigns. After the drawdown of Finance and Crypto, these verticals are growing fast now. And I think they will be on top”.

Homyuk Yana,
Head of advertisers department Evadav


Regarding priority geo, you should first look at a vertical. Although the market leaders of 2021 India, China, Russia, and the USA are still on top in 2022.


Traffic active growth is noticed in South-East Asia – Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and some regions of Europe – Finland, Germany. These dynamics will remain in the future.

What’s the result?

- 2022 trends promise to be a profitable and exciting time in terms of affiliate marketing;
- it doesn’t mean that some verticals stop being fruitful and others such as Crypto and NFT will be on top;
- someone will need to change SEO-promotion strategy and someone will have to get to know YouTube and TikTok algorithms;
- pop-under, in-page, native ads and video content will still be on top in ad campaigns and they will continue moving banners and teasers aside.

Overall, not looking at all the chaos brought by COVID-19, world economics gradually returns its position. The main hopes of affiliate marketing are tightly connected with its reincarnation.

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