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Post by EvaDav » August 25th, 2020, 4:48 am


:D Hello!
For advertisers: the ability to customize the Recommended and Maximum bid in 1-click has been added.
This will help you create campaigns faster and more efficiently for both one and several geos at once.

How does it work?
✔Select the geo you are interested in and set the maximum bid in 1 click!


✔Also, you can select several countries at once and set recommended rates for the entire list!


✔Show your ad to a wide audience, use campaigns INPAGE + PUSH, NATIVE + INPAGE;

And we have prepared a new list of 🔝 sources for a better profit

Traffic type: Native
Platform: MOBILE

🔶US - #a110775, #a112324
🔶IN - #a110775, #a110776, #a112314, #a112324, #a112766, #a113151, #a115037, #a116413, #a116738, #a116740
🔶MY - #a112324

Platform: DESKTOP
🔶AU - #a112744, #a114652
🔶PH - #s956_14866043

🚀 Run traffic :D Test and earn with EVADAV

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Post by EvaDav » September 4th, 2020, 12:27 pm


:cool: Hello!
Native Advertising from A to Z: Why Will You Benefit from It?
The Internet is full of advertising formats, channels, and platforms. How can you lead the market and stand out among competitors? Native advertising is your key to success.

You might have heard of it or even tried to launch a native ads campaign. Anyway, should you be aiming at ambitious results, this article will explain how your business can benefit from this popular type of promotion.
Keep in mind that in its end you’ll discover how to launch your first native campaign! :wink:

Native Ads: What Are They?
Long story short, this is paid content that fully goes along one’s editorial standards and readers’ preferences.
Here is a short example. When you visit a blog about cats, you’ll be surely glad to read an article on how to choose the best cat’s food that will contribute to its good health. You’ll likely come across recommendations of a certain trademark of cat’s food and its benefits for your furry neighbor. This is how native advertising works.
So, native ads match the form and function of the text, video, or image where it appears. Readers perceive the information as if it was an editorial article, that’s why such content is called ‘native’.

Native Ads Characteristics
You might have thought that native advertising is something similar to content marketing. However, they are not the same thing and we’ll explain this difference:
-мNative ads fully amalgamate with other content on a website. Readers perceive it as engaging and useful content while not seeing any advertising subtext. That’s why creating a compelling story with practical advice that glues one’s attention is crucial.
- Native ads solve users’ problems almost in every case. Every target audience faces issues for which your product or service may be an ideal solution. They just don’t know about it. So, your main task is to convey to the audience the fact that your brand was created precisely for helping them, for making their lives better.

Who Benefits from Using Native Ads?
If you’re wondering whether you can benefit from this type of advertising or should ignore it, here are several interesting facts…

✅ They show 50%+ higher engagement compared to common banners.
✅ Companies start to spend more resources on native ads, and according to eMarketer, the overall spend will increase to $52.75 billion only in the US.
✅ According to The Drum, people are 2 times more engaged when they come across native ads on editorial sites than when they find the same information while surfing the web.
✅ The Content Marketing Institute proved that 70% of consumers prefer to meet new products through useful content rather than banner ads.
✅ Also, the revenue of native ads has skyrocketed recently and there are no reasons for slowing down.

Statistics won’t lie, that’s why native ads are completely worth your attention.

Why Are These Ads So Effective?
Everything is simple! An average user sees around five thousand ads every day. Still, people even don’t notice them. Everyone is used to banners and context ads so much that our consciousness leaves intrusive pictures out of the scope of our attention. Users are tired of traditional ads trying to sell them something, consequently, businesses lose money on ineffective campaigns.

The secret of native ads is their unobtrusiveness. Readers don’t mind coming across a friendly ad after getting plenty of useful recommendations and hacks. These ads are so seamless that don’t annoy the audience. On the contrary, readers are happy to share such articles with friends, so your business can attract organic traffic as well!

Key Advantages of Native Ads
Get ready to discover even more benefits of this next-level type of ads!

#1 Audience Feels Enabled
People surf the web for two reasons — entertainment and solving burning issues. If you can combine these two, it’s perfect!

Let’s imagine you offer a meditation app. Your potential customer is browsing for some hacks on how to reduce the level of stress in their life. They find an article with these hacks and a pop-up promoting your app appears. That person is already under stress, and an annoying ad will only annoy him. However, if you place a mention of the application in the text, organically surrounding it with thematic contents, the result will be completely different. Most likely, the reader will click on the link to find out more details about the app or read reviews, and then install it.

#2 Native Content Is Never Intrusive
This point flows from the first one. While banners and pop-ups are intrusive and they often even don’t come along with any related content, native ads appear just at the right time when users need them.

Also, potential customers have enough time to decide whether they want to click on your ad, as it doesn’t urge them to take any actions.
This format is so seamless that readers perceive native ads as an integral part of the content they read or watch.

#3 Reach is Much Higher
The natural look of native ads contributes to their potential reach. People are glad to share useful content with their online friends. So, except for the paid audience, you can collect tons of organic views and clicks.

Also, this contributes to the business’ long-term goals. When your pop-up and banner campaigns come to the end, articles and videos will stay on the Internet, being shared among new users.

#4 Impressive Engagement
Much has been told about engagement in our article, still, this is a true advantage of native ads.

According to the statistics, people view such ads 53% more frequently than other types of ads. Why is it so? Intrusive promos require immediate actions, be it views or clicks. The least one can do is to find the ‘X’ button to close the notice. Readers get interrupted and some of them even get mad about all these pop-ups emerging from nowhere.

Native ads provide your target audience with time for making a decision, so they keep calm and get interested in the product or service you offer. Viewers feel at ease, thanks to what they stay on the page for longer.

#5 The Power of Content
Everyone who has been working with advertising for a while knows that content is king. So, it is the core of every brand, which helps companies grow and target audiences to become aware of new products.

Creating high-quality content is a hard challenge for marketers, though if you cope with that, be sure to attract thousands of new users. Sharing useful content is another important task dealing with which is already built into native ads.

Blending content and paid media seamlessly makes the magic real.

#6 Opportunities for Mobile Market
Have you heard of the mobile first principle? That’s it! Google introduced its mobile-first indexing two years ago. So, websites optimized for mobile are rated higher. According to the latest statistics, more than 3.5 billion users browse the web via smartphones while mobile traffic accounts for almost 53% of global traffic.

Do you want to attract the attention of at least some of these users? Sure thing! And native ads work the best with mobile sites. You won’t even have to optimize your campaigns on purpose, as the majority of platforms already have done this.

The content will look like other articles, videos, or images. The format is already familiar to users, so they will consume such information better, no matter which device they use.

#7 Room for Innovation
If you don’t have any chances for creativity in context ads or any other traditional types of advertising, native ads broaden horizons for bright innovations.

This empowers businesses to experiment and try various types of content - texts, videos, images, music, animations, interactive elements (online tests, polls, and so on).

No other advertising format offers such diversity!

#8 Transparency and Accuracy
Other ads can’t ever offer you as much accuracy and transparency as native ads can. Special algorithms show your native ad only to those readers who are interested in the topic. So, they get a perfect match tailored to their interests and preferences.

Users still can see the ‘Sponsored content’ mark, so you don’t trick them and offer something they don’t want. You do not mislead them with the topic of such content. You don’t urge people to accidentally click on the ad they don’t like.

#9 No More Ad Blocker Issues
When it comes to pop-ups and banners, ad blockers often hide them, keeping your audience away from the ads. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that even our clients use ad blocker apps in their everyday life. They make our web browsing smooth and convenient.

However, ad blockers can do nothing to friendly native ads. This means much both for the audience and ad providers. Businesses will see the real trends and unaffected statistics, which will surely contribute to hitting marketing goals.

#10 Full Control on the Content
The last and essential benefit of native ads is that you always keep on track about what’s going on with your content. This is hard to reach with banner ads, as they are shown randomly and you can’t guess whether your audience sees them at the right moment.

Native advertising ensures that viewers get the message just when they need it. Also, you can collect statistics on views, clicks, and other interactions with your sponsored content. This will lead you to insights on improving the ad performance.

Master Native Advertising with Evadav!
You now know what are native ads and how your business can benefit from them. It’s time to think about how to make the most of this type of promotion.

Evadav is always glad to help you start using everything we mentioned here to your advantage. If you’re looking for the best ways to connect with your audience, sign in now (it’s free) and start your lucrative journey to the world of seamless and effective ads. We’ll link you to a manager who will be your guide in this new creative world.

Be sure that together we will develop a unique cost-effective strategy to deliver important information to your potential users, turning them into loyal customers.

Run traffic  :tongue:  with EVADAV

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Post by EvaDav » September 12th, 2020, 11:59 pm



Did you know that we launched our own EVADAV blog?
Now access to important information, cases, insider market reviews, and hot industry news is always at hand.

Hurry up to read our first article and a brief overview of advertising formats in EVADAV.

🙌 Follow Blog 🤑 EVADAV >> 💚

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Post by EvaDav » September 26th, 2020, 1:38 pm


:) Hello, fellow partners! Evadavers!
A new week and new account updates ...

We have added visual charts to the user account in the campaigns section for advertisers.


:idea: customize campaigns based on a convenient chart
:idea: quick visual access to traffic volumes and rates in the system
:idea: visualize any segment according to your target settings

And, traditionally, more than 30! new top sources for our advertisers:


In-page FORMAT

:arrow: US IN MY DE IT - #a124574, #a124575, #a124576, #a124577, #a124578, #a124581, #a124585, #a124586, #a124587, #a124588, #a124589, #a124590, #a124591, #a124594, #a124595, #a124596, #a124598, #a124599, #a124600, #a124601;
:arrow: IN PK - #a124824;
:arrow: IN US DE MY VN - #a124755;
:arrow: US MX UK DE JP - #a124565, #a124566;
:arrow: US BR TH PR KR - #a125467;
:arrow: US CN - #а126044;
:arrow: IN US MY DE - #a126945;
:arrow: RO DE TR DZ AE - #a122667, #a122663, #a122660, #a122668, #a122661;

:arrow: IN PK - #a124825;
:arrow: US PH MY IN ZA - #a125529;
:arrow: IN US SA NP MY NL BD - #a124963;
:arrow: RU UA UZ KZ TJ - #a125887, #125888, #125889;

Hurry up to test and share your results!


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Post by EvaDav » October 16th, 2020, 4:41 am


:) Hello, Evadavers!

For our Advertisers, the Сity targeting option has been updated.

Now, when creating an Ad Campaign, you have the option of excluding cities from the target audience.


Also, you can still target a specific list of cities.


✔️use city lists for more accurate geo-targeting;
✔️improve the performance of advertising campaigns by showing advertisements to the maximum target audience;
✔️increase your ROI and Profit and get the most from EVADAV advertising;

Set up your ad campaign now >>

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