★★★ BOOST WORDPRESS SPEED [Increase Speed Guaranteed] ★★★ ✅ Full Speed Optimization $ 47 ✅ Free for first 2 orders

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★★★ BOOST WORDPRESS SPEED [Increase Speed Guaranteed] ★★★ ✅ Full Speed Optimization $ 47 ✅ Free for first 2 orders


Post by bikker19 » June 7th, 2022, 3:11 pm

After fixing lots of WordPress speed issues for clients, we have decided to offer a good deal for the Sponsorchat community.

As we all know, website speed matters. A lot. It doesn't only affect the SEO, but also affect the Conversion Rate. However, WordPress is known as a slow website platform because of its huge and complex capabilities.

Here we come. Me and my team focus on optimizing WordPress websites for better load times. Only $47 special offer for Sponsorchat, usually $149.
OFFER: Free for first 2 orders for vouch copy

Here is our deal for Sponsorchat :

Browser Cache Configuration
CDN Setup and Configuration
Minifying JS/CSS/HTML files
GZIP File Compression
Lazy Loading for Images
Offline Image Optimization (Unlimited)
+14 Additional Tasks
Delivered in 10 Days (If not: 100% Refund)
Guaranteed Increase (If not: 100% Refund)

How does your speed guarantee work?
If your website cannot become faster, we pay you back. No gimmicks. No word games. No excuses.
How can you guarantee a speed increase?
Our team is very strong on WordPress, this let us find most of the potential performance issues and fix the problems that lead to slow loading. We trust we can speed up most of the WordPress websites, so we can guarantee.
What if something breaks during the process?
You will not see any breaks since we have a strong testing policy on our team. We test your website both on desktop & mobile after each small change to see if something got broken. If something got broken, we fix it in a few minutes.
Do you work on the live website?
Since speed optimizations and tests should be checked on the live website, we work on live websites. By working on live websites, we are enabled to test your website after each of our tasks to see if something got broken or not. However, if you would like us to work on your development or staging environment — no problem, we work on it too.
How do you check site speed?
We use various tools to see potential improvement areas. We mostly use GTmetrix and Google Lighthouse, since they are the best tools — they do speed tests like real users. We are focused on exact speed increase, not the scores that other tools give.
Do you use Google Pagespeed Insights?
Yes, we use it to find areas to improve. However, it doesn't actually measure site speed. It checks your site against a checklist of technical best practices. It's actually possible to get a very high score in Pagespeed Insights, 90/100 or above, and still, have a very slow loading site. Pagespeed Insights also completely ignores critically important elements like geographic location, DNS hosting speed and reliability, content delivery networks and often spits out a bunch of recommendations that at best are marginal speed improvements and at worst a complete waste of time. GTmetrix is way better than Google Pagespeed Insights for speed measurement.
What information do you need to optimize my site speed?
We need a WordPress login and FTP/cPanel access. If you are not comfortable sharing any password, you can create temporary users for us.
Is CloudFlare migration required?
It’s not required but it’s recommended. CloudFlare is one of the best CDN services in the world. It helps you to serve your website to users from the closest servers. It also helps to resolve DNS records faster. So yes, CloudFlare has a good effect on speed.

Your WordPress website will be at least 2X faster
It will be delivered in maximum 7 days
If we cannot double your speed, we'll refund in full
It will cost you only 47$ (normally priced $147

(Ask For Free Speed Analysis On Your Website)
★★★ ORDER NOW★★★
Skype: bikker19
email: info@scalingweb.com
Payment : PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards via Stripe & Crypto

★★★ BOOST WORDPRESS SPEED [Increase Speed Guaranteed] ★★★ ✅ Full Speed Optimization $ 47 ✅ Free for first 2 orders

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