[WRITER] MDT - adult copywrite services. 8 years of experience

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[WRITER] MDT - adult copywrite services. 8 years of experience

Post by MDT » July 27th, 2020, 9:35 am

MDT is a team of adult copywriters with 8 years of experience.

July 2020: More than 900 000+ descriptions done!


Our website: http://adultcopywrite.com

1. Perfect quality
2. No deadline problems
3. Any amount of work (almost ;))
4. All niches
5. No plagiarism
6. Thoroughness and accuracy
7. Huge base of fullsearch/related keywords
8. Experience with meta content

We don't work as freelancers, trying to find a free minute after workday to satisfy our clients. Full-time office work, but you can order any amount of work. From 2 titles to thousands and thousands weekly.

We think that:
copy-paste = scam
google translation = scam
intermediaries = scam
missing deadlines = scam

We strongly recommend to contact us because prices may vary.
But you will be pleasantly surprised.
Also we offer 30% lifetime discount for the first 5 clients!

Contact us for more information:
Email - mdwritingteam {@} gmail.com
Skype - mdwritingteam
ICQ - 367167232
Telegram - @Talmaci
Site - http://adultcopywrite.com

We accept:
Paxum, Webmoney, PayPal, Capitalist, Epayservice, Wire, Western Union

Sorry, we don't work with blog posts etc. Just video titles and descriptions, categorization, thumbs, channel reviews.
Adult only!

[WRITER] MDT - adult copywrite services. 8 years of experience

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