[PROGRAM] Top EU SugarDating Program and 4Fans.com

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[PROGRAM] Top EU SugarDating Program and 4Fans.com


Post by refchamp » October 20th, 2021, 4:24 am

Hello everyone,

Some of you already know me from my former BitterStrawberry, but let me introduce myself.

I've been in affiliate marketing for over 11 years, mostly running adult affiliate programs, but I've also taken a lot of risk in the mainstream over the past 5 years.

I am familiar with Sponsorchat and have made very good friends and business partners over the years.

Affiliate marketing is constantly changing, and the best proof of this is that it was only after a 4-year hiatus in the affiliate marketing (more or less) that I returned and most of the connections I had have moved to e-commerce or other niches, and unfortunately, some of them refused. Affiliate Marketing Forever.

I myself have spent the last 4 years developing a strong non-adult side business that I recommend to everyone.

Even though I was making very good money, I faced severe burnout along the way, which finally made me value my health, as well as the need to create something of my own, a legitimate online business, as well as a physical business that operated. as a guarantee of my future financial well-being.

After I managed to grow them, I went back to affiliate marketing with more knowledge, more direct thinking, and a lot of ideas to help make it BIG.

I am currently working with 3 great platforms with huge ARPU and user retention rates:

4SD, an international dating platform for wealthy philanthropists and attractive girls, mostly students. In short, sugar dates are a cross between dating and escort.

4SD currently has over 11,300 monthly active users with an ARPU of $ 220 per month.

Registered users can interact with real beauties after purchasing credits on the platform.

The sign-up rate is very high for dating traffic, especially account traffic and email marketing.

We also have good results for social media traffic, but this is much more difficult than regular adult affiliate channels.

Our top GEOs for 4SD are the UK and Italy.

Sugardaddydate, an EU-focused sugar dating platform, is the same as 4SD, with the only difference that on this platform we are more focused on adapting European sugar babies.

We also have 'ch', 'de' and 'at' for dedicated German traffic.

Since sugar dating is very popular in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, we have higher user plans and a much higher ARPU, which is currently $ 380.

Sugardaddydate now has over 16,000 MAUs, of which 13,800 are updated every month.

On average, a registered user makes 2.4 transactions per month (plan top-up).

Our top GEO converters are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France.

We accept experienced partners (with experience in promoting adult offerings through social media and adult channels) to promote 4SD and Sugardaddydate, and we offer CPA from $ 90 or Lifetime Revenue Share (30% -50%).

4Fans, our NSFW content sharing platform built for adult content creators as an alternative to Onlyfans.

Unlike Onlyfans and many platforms that follow the same business model, 4Fans is not accessed by subscription, but through a credit system.

4Fans is an international community and we have an average of 300 registered authors every day.
All of our platforms are designed to engage users in long-term relationships with girls or on dates, and they all have proven, really attractive models and sweet babes.

We've built a complete ecosystem of affiliate landing pages and creatives tailored for every promotion channel, whether it's buying from mainstream adult media or buying from mainstream media as well as social media.

As an affiliate:
You can promote individual models from our database using special banners or videos.
you can promote our platforms with special banners and videos for each social media channel.
you can promote our platforms with dedicated pre-landing pages for each country.
In conclusion, I want to say that I want to work together and provide you with any information regarding our platforms.
Feel free to write to me at DM, I'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have!



PS September ARPU Transaction Example for Sugardaddy.date

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Post by NicoleTRAFFDAQ » February 22nd, 2022, 8:30 am

Do you have some contact details?

[PROGRAM] Top EU SugarDating Program and 4Fans.com

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