I have website to sell + Premium domain

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I have website to sell + Premium domain


Post by vesa » March 9th, 2021, 4:26 pm

Hi there SponsorChat members,

I am not sure is this the right place for this so if i am wrong please let me know i will remove this thread.

I have website that provide information about sports betting for entertainment purposes. Igobets(dot)com is not an online gambling operator, or a gambling site of any kind and after 4 months of hard work i saw that i have problem to monetize it so i decide to sell to someone who knows to monetize. I invest so much time in this website also as money and i am to tired to continue...

Webiste is WordPress based made from 3 different premium themes. I also invest in content marketing and got links from CNN, BBC, Washington Post, Awwwards, etc...Total invest in website+ SEO is 3000$.

Traffic WMT Last 3 months: screencast.com/t/sQ7CJBNSfm
Traffic GA Last 3 months: screencast.com/t/JhmSfiAiyf
GEO Top 10: screencast.com/t/WNSsKPBX2k

All traffic coming from Google !!!

Price for website + domain - 2500$ (Payment by PayPal or BTC)

If someone is interested please contact me here:

Email:igobets.com@gmail.com or use form on website igobets(dot)com

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I have website to sell + Premium domain

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